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Clean Out Your Day Computer 2016

nettoyage hors de votre ordinateur jour (STF)

Que devez-vous faire sur Clean Out Your Day Computer?

Penser trop? Rembourré? lentement chargement? Souvent coincé?... Et bruyant?
Est-ce là la performance de votre ordinateur?

Since it’s National Clean Out Your Computer Day today, we’d kindly ask you to take some time off your busy day and dedicate it to your machine. Imagine what you would do without it. Imagine if it crashes unexpectedly and permanently, and you weren’t able to show some love and appreciation?

Some of us may hate being dependent on their computer and may feel their lives are controlled by machines, but to others the machines are precisely what set them free. La vérité c'est, if you are reading this, you need to be taking a good care of your computer regularly to make it last longer. À la fin, it’s for your own convenience.

How to Show Appreciation to Your Computer

Clean your PC out. Cleaning your PC’s hardware will not only help you get rid of weird particles, dust and hair that have comfortably settled around the fan, inside the keyboard, mouse and the rest of the components. It will allow the hardware to stay cool and work properly. A nice clean out will also help your machine stop making that noise as if a rocket is taking off to space.

Si, turn the power off. Clean the keyboard by using a can of compressed air and cleaning fluid. Clean the mouse. Then use the compressed air to clean the actual PC. If you are not sure how to do it or have no time, pass it to a pro. He will make sure to return your machine whole, clean and brand new.

Clean your PC inside. Cleaning your PC software is just as important. Getting rid of software clutter will improve the overall performance sensibly. Delete junk and duplicate files. Reorganize your files and folders and clean your desktop. Delete files and programs you don’t use. Check your system for PUPs (programmes potentiellement indésirables), adware, viruses and various other malicious pieces of software that slow your system down and are of no actual use. If you are not sure how to do it yourself and have no time, again – pass it to a pro. Utiliser un puissant outil anti-malware that will scan your whole system, detect the clutter and then remove it safely and permanently.

Spy Hunter scanner ne détecte que la menace. Si vous voulez que la menace d'être retiré automatiquement, vous devez acheter la version complète de l'outil anti-malware.En savoir plus sur l'outil SpyHunter Anti-Malware / Comment désinstaller SpyHunter

Now that you have shown love and appreciation to your machine, enjoy its smooth, fast and quiet performance. Et, do that more often.

Happy Clean Out Your Computer Day!

Boy Peeva

Boy Peeva

Estime que le verre est plutôt à moitié plein et que rien est plus grand que les petites choses. Aime écrire, la lecture et le partage de contenu - information est un pouvoir.

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