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Ebola-Temático Scam Oferece Trojan

Quando se trata dos destaques do dia, cibercriminosos ficar muito criativo. Ebola-themed malware campaigns are gaining popularity these days. One of the most impressive ones is a tool that supposedly signals the users in case there is an Ebola outbreak in the area.
To enjoy the perks of such a tool, the user has to download and install an app on his computer. Quite smartly, the hackers have equipped the tool with a siren, which ones activated, can only be set off as the user downloads the file to his hard disk.

Alegadamente, sobre 18 anti-malware tools recognize the file as malicious. A researcher with Malwarebytes analyzed the corrupted file and discovered that it installs the ONLY Search toolbar to the affected system. A bunch of other offers also get installed, seemingly as a part of an affiliate marketing campaign, from which the crooks profit.

How Does the Malicious Ebola-Warning Tool Affect the User’s System?

Right after the installation of the malicious file, the user’s browsing activities get interrupted in various ways:

  • Altering the search engine
  • Redirecting to a website that offers more programs to download
  • Loading affiliate webpages every time a new tab window is opened

Fora isso, the system performance is obviously affected, and there are shortcuts of the unwanted programs placed on the desktop.

Ebola-themed malware campaigns are quite popular among cybercriminals these days and users should be careful not to fall for the numerous scams. Pay attention to the provided information and keep in mind that reputable media outlets would be the first ones to inform the public about any development on the Ebola virus subject.

Em breve, the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) has issued a warning about the large number of Ebola-themed scams.

Berta Bilbao

Berta é um pesquisador de malware dedicado, sonhando para um espaço cibernético mais seguro. Seu fascínio com a segurança de TI começou há alguns anos atrás, quando um malware bloqueado la fora de seu próprio computador.

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