Giveaway está sobre do SensorsTechForum E o vencedor é…


Our first giveaway of a 100$ Amazon gift card came to an end last week on Thursday (novembro. 12º) and we have already selected the winner on a random basisDao Van Vuong from Japan.

We are web security and Information Technology lovers. We spend our days and nights in the cyber space unravelling any web threat down to its roots and providing solutions and advice against it. assim, the purpose of the giveaway was purely to connect with other folks like us who are or may be interested in sharing and following topics related to cyber security and technology.

  • Maybe we can be of help to each other.
  • Maybe we can just be friends.

We are happy to find out that our giveaway winner is just like us – a webmaster, a blogger and an Information Technology lover – and thus we can happily conclude that our giveaway campaign turned out successful.

Dao Van says he knows how to protect his computer from cyber threats and he’s not had any such issues so far. He’s been using Kaspersky all along as he believes that is one of the best security tools available out there.

Dao Van is also the owner of, e Porque, according to him, heloves blogging, sharing his knowledge to everyone and getting in touch with many people from around the world.

Stay tuned as other fun and rewarding campaigns are on their way

STF Team

Boyana Peeva

Boyana Peeva

Considera que o vidro é bastante meio cheio e que nada é maior do que as pequenas coisas. gosta de escrever, leitura e compartilhamento de conteúdo - a informação é poder.

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2 Comentários

  1. AvatarDao Van


    I am really happy to be the winner! The code works fine, I use to purchase the new Pebble Time Steel! muito obrigado!

  2. AvatarDao Van

    BTW, if you have another giveaway, Por favor deixe-me saber!


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