Moloko Trojan.Miner Virus - How to Remove It Completely from Your PC

Moloko Trojan.Miner VirusHow to Remove It Completely from Your PC

Este artigo pretende-se mostrar how to fully remove the Moloko Trojan.Miner threat from your computer and secure it against future infections as well.

o Moloko Miner Trojan is the type of threat you do not want on your computer. It’s primary purpose is to run a process on your Windows Task Manager which connects you in a cryptocurrency mining pool and begins to mine for the currency moeda. This crypto is well known for being one of the most private cryptocurrencies out there, preventing authorities from tracking down who is actually performing the mining process. So the result of having this Trojan on your PC is a very slow performance and heightened usage of your CPU. If this Trojan is on your computer for a long time, it is likely that it may even damage your computer, preventing it from turning on again. This is why it is advisable to read this article and learn how to detect and remove the Moloko miner Trojan a partir de seu computador de forma eficaz.

Resumo ameaça

NomeMoloko Trojan.Miner
TipoMiner Trojan
Pequena descriçãoInfects your computer after which begins mining for the crypto currency Monero by using your CPU resources.
Os sintomasA suspicious or hidden process, named moloko.exe running on your computer in a stealthy manner.
distribuição MétodoOs e-mails de spam, Anexos de e-mail, arquivos executáveis, Malicious browser redirects
Ferramenta de detecção See If Your System Has Been Affected by Moloko Trojan.Miner


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How Does Moloko miner Trojan Infect Your PC

Assim como other miner Trojans, the Moloko Trojan may infect your computer in a multitude of ways. Latest reports are that some torrent websites, gostar ThePirateBay may use such scripts to mine your computer for cryptocurrencies, so one possible method is to infect your computer by visiting a suspicious web site which may cause a malicious redirect to a web page which infects the machine automatically.

Outro método de infecção, which accounts to a big percentage of Trojan infections is known as malspam and features fake e-mails with malicious e-mail attachments embedded within them. Such messages may contain the infection file of the Moloko Trojan.Miner, which may pretend to be a legitimate infection file, tal como:

  • Fatura.
  • Banking Statement.
  • Recibo.
  • Purchase letter.

An example of such malicious message can be the e-mail from the image below:

Além desta, the malware may also infect your computer via fake setups, program installers, key generators or license activators.

Moloko Trojan.Miner – Further Information

Once this malware infects your computer, it drops the malicious file of the virus, chamado moloko.exe. It has the following location:

→ %UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\Vatico\moloko.exe

Então, the miner may connect to one of many Monero mining pools. Mining pool is an inner network which brings together multiple different devices in order to use their processing power to mine more of the cryptocurrency. Moloko may connect you to such mining pool, reported by malware researchers to be via port 8050 (tcp/udp).

Immediately after doing so, a moloko.exe process can be seen on your Windows Task Manager. The program may begin to take over 90% of your system’s resources.

Após fazer isso, your computer may become extremely slow, since it is calculating complex mathematical problems in order to mine the crypto currencry moeda. It is known for being used by many criminals who do their business online, primarily because it is completely private.

assim, the bottom line is that while this Trojan steals from your system’s resources, it generates profits to the cyber-criminal who has infected you with it. This plus the fact that the infection is a Trojan Horse and can also steal information from your computer are the primary reasons why you should immediately take actions to remove Moloko Trojan.Miner it permanently.

How to Remove Moloko Trojan.Miner from Your Computer

Even though there many be many methods that help to remove this virus, we advise you to follow the removal instructions below. They are specifically designed to firstly isolate the Moloko virus and then remove it. Contudo, if manual removal may represent difficulty for you and you do not know If you have removed Moloko entirely, experts strongly recommend using an advanced anti-malware software which will automatically deal with Moloko miner Trojan.


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