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Rimuovere Antivirus-store(.)noi +1-877-608-0630 Falsi Pop-up

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NomeAntivirus-store(.)noi e +1-877-608-0630 Pop-up
TipoFalso Tech Support Scam
breve descrizioneThe page is a fake tech support scam that decieves users into beliving their computer is at risk to prompt them to pay for tech support services. In reality there may be nothing wrong with the user PC.
SintomiThe user may be misled or redirected to a site, displaying a pop-up that blocks his browser. The pop-up site features this audio message if the user has Flash Player enabled:
Metodo di distribuzioneCaused by clicking on a pop-up that resembles actual windows error or caused by a PUP installed on the user PC via bundling.
Detection ToolScarica Malware Removal Tool, to See If Your System Has Been Affected by Antivirus-store(.)noi e +1-877-608-0630 Pop-up
Esperienza utenteIscriviti alla nostra forum per seguire la discussione su Antivirus-store(.)noi e +1-877-608-0630 Pop-up.

Stuck on Antivirus-store(.)us Pop-Ups? The website features around 4 pop-ups which it administers right away and lock the user out of his browser. After that the site displays a sound message prompting users to call, because their computers have been infected with a virus. What is more the number +1-877-608-0630 associated with this cyber threat is reported by many users to be a fraud and to infect user PCs and even crash them. Security experts strongly advise to take precautions to scan the computer with a particular antimalware program. This should be done to identifying and removing any unwanted programs on the computer that might be causing these pop-ups, manual for which you can find after this article.


Antivirus-store(.)noi +1-877-608-0630 Pop ups – How Did I Start Seeing Them?

One way to start viewing these advertisements is to have what you might call Adware otherwise known as PUP (Potenzialmente indesiderati Programma) sul vostro computer. Such applications may come bundled and also as browser extensions and they may collect different information from users and display adverts. Such apps are usually the result of a bundled download of freeware like your favourite media player, convertitore di file, etc. Third-party software providing websites usually bundle programs with the sole purpose of generating profits by marketing other software in the installer. Users are advised to be cautions when they install new programs because they might not notice such programs slip past them.

Such applications may be advertised via a pop-up message or a banner similar to the one below:

Finestre errori

Antivirus-store(.)noi +1-877-608-0630 Pop ups – More about It

The website itself is a legitimately looking site that resembles apple support – a widely known service. Inoltre, it features the infamous pop-up message stating the following:

A Collegamento sospetto è stato l'accesso alla tua Login, Dettagli Banking & Monitoraggio Attività Internet.
Windows Security Center & I servizi firewall sono disabili, Error code 0x8007042c; .
La vostra connessione TCP bloccato dalle Firewall. Your Accounts May be Suspended Until You Take an Action.
Le informazioni personali possono essere trapelato. RISPOSTA IMMEDIATA RICHIESTA
Your Hard Disk May Have Trojan Virus! Si prega di non cercare di correggere manualmente, Si può bloccare i vostri dati.
Please Visit Your Nearest Windows Service Center OR Call Help Desk
Assistenza clienti: +1-877-608-0630 (NUMERO VERDE)

These type of scareware messages are very common for tech-support scammers. The pop-up window may reappear in case you click on the 'Ok' button and does not have a traditional method to be closed. The only option to close it is from the Task Manager in Windows for which there is a tutorial after this article.

What is more the number +1-877-608-0630 has been reported on several forums and phone advisory websites, come 800notes.com:

19 Ottobre 2015
Infects your computer and gives you a virus.
Total scam to fix. Don’t donit
visitatore: “Virus fixing
Call Type: telemarketer
Ian White
19 Ottobre 2015
This is obviously a scam. My computer was slowly being infected with garbage. Then I started getting directed to this page saying that I MUST call this number immediately to have the problem resolved. I called, and it was a cell phone. the guy could hardly speak English. Of course he immediately started asking for my personal information. I told him I wasn’t comfortable giving it out then he said, “why have you done something bad?” Hethen said it would cost $180.00 for him to tell me how to remove the trash THEY put on my computer to begin with. Ho riattaccato. Now I’m stuck hiring someone to fix my computer. THEY SHOULD BE PUT IN JAIL!!!!!!!!
visitatore: I called them. He wouldn’t tell me thw company name. Solo” supporto tecnico”
Ashley replies to Johnny dase
22 Ottobre 2015
Yes it will give you a virus they hacked my computer aND crashed my hard drive

Security researchers strongly advise users to beware for such messages and not to trust the scam. The first thing that should be done upon encountering such a number is to immediately close out your browser and research the number that they have provided for legitimacy.

Removing Antivirus-store(.)noi +1-877-608-0630 Pop-up Completamente

In order to get rid of this malicious threat on your machine, you should do several different actions. The first step that you should take is close your browser via Task Manager and open it again in order to see if the page has been set as your home and new tab. In case that is done, you need to check step “1. Restore the settings in your browser.”.

After your browser has been reset you can proceed to identify whether or not this pop-up has been brought by unidentified program or malware on your computer which means scanning it with an anti-malware software thoroughly.

1. Ripristinare le impostazioni del tuo browser
2. Rimuovere Antivirus-store(.)noi e +1-877-608-0630 Pop-up con utensili SpyHunter Anti-Malware
3. Rimuovere Antivirus-store(.)noi e +1-877-608-0630 Pop-ups with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.
4. Rimuovere Antivirus-store(.)noi e +1-877-608-0630 Pop-ups with STOPZilla AntiMalware
NOTA! Notifica sostanziale sulla Antivirus-store(.)noi e +1-877-608-0630 Pop-up minaccia: Rimozione manuale di Antivirus-store(.)noi e +1-877-608-0630 Pop-up richiede l'interferenza con i file di sistema e registri. Così, può causare danni al vostro PC. Anche se le vostre competenze informatiche non sono a livello professionale, non ti preoccupare. Si può fare la rimozione se stessi solo in 5 verbale, usando un Strumento di rimozione malware.

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