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Android Data Recovery Pro por Tenorshare Software Review

ANDROID-dados-recovery_1434732418O uso crescente de dispositivos móveis ultrapassando a população humana atual também tem empurrado os programadores se concentrar em software criando necessários no setor. Uma vez que muitos usuários a manter um monte de dados, tais como imagens, documentos, canções, e relacionados com a conta de tudo, there is an increasing risk of this data becoming lost. Unlike a computer, a smartphone is constantly on the move, and it is exposed to various risksphysical and logical. Felizmente, there is software to recover lost files or other information, such as Android Data Recovery Pro – the software aims at scanning your device from your computer and recovering your data. We have decided to check whether or not this is working by testing it on an Android smartphone.

NomeData Recovery Android Pro
TipoRecuperação de dados
Desenvolvedor2007-2016 Tenorshare Co.,Ltd.
Download diretoData Recovery Android Pro
Sistema operacionaljanelas
Licença Preço49,95$ For 1~3 PCs
Experiência de usuário Discuss Android Data Recovery Pro No nosso Fórum

Android Data Recovery Pro in Detail

The first interesting feature which we noticed about this program was that it installed relatively fast and easy and there is a reason for thatthe program is only 37.6 MB de tamanho. Contudo, while being idle and while recovering data it was a bit heavier on the CPU of the computer that we thought it would be at that state:


além disso, the software had a feature allowing it to scan your smartphone via Wi-Fi:

wi fi scan

When we decided to test whether or not it actually works, we were surprised to find out that the application was not in the Play Store. Despite all the risks and the usual request for permissions for network usage, we installed the Tenorshare Data Recovery App. Então, during following of the above-mentioned instructions we have managed to find out that the app sometimes failed to scan the QR code and confirm it.

no app-in-playstoresensorstechforum

So if you are going to recover your data via this program, we would recommend using the USB Cable Connection scanning feature, which is way faster to set up and use. De fato, all you may want to do(If you cannot connect via USB) is enable USB debugging on your phone and the program has several tutorials for the different Android versions:


além disso, connecting via USB is simple. Just plug in your smartphone, e clique em “Find your deviceafter which choose it, e the program will present you to a menu where you can choose to:

  • Scan contacts, mensagens, etc.
  • Scan for media files.

Depois disto, the program begins to scan for and recover all data which is salvageable. This is very variable because it depends on the health of the smartphone’s memory. After finishing the scan for contacts and files, the program will save the contacts in a .docx document for Microsoft Excel and the restored files will be saved in a recovery folder.

O que gostamos

There were several details which made a good impression on us during the software’s usage:

  • Fast install and easy usage.
  • Fast connection to the device.
  • Instructions with photos on how to enable USB debugging regarding different versions of Android and hence avoid errors while connecting via a cable.
  • Usage of an app which enables you to scan your phone by simply being connected to the same Wi-Fi device.
  • Relatively speedy scanning (Por aí 7 minutes on a 16 GB device)

O que está faltando

Infelizmente, we found many details that require immediate attention and some things we believe could be improved:

  • The app is not in Google PlayStore.
  • The program has a bit of a high CPU usage while being idle.
  • The Wi-Fi app is sometimes having trouble while scanning the QR code.
  • No free recovery of several files just for a regular user to see whether or not the software is working.
  • No scanning for files with specific extensions (.mp3, .jpg, etc.)


This is a neat little program that can surely recover data from your phone. But its developers need to keep in mind that the Wi-Fi feature and app should be put in Google PlayStore to make this option more accessible, since not everyone will eventually carry USB cables left and right. De outra forma, we would recommend using it in case you have accidentally deleted your contacts or some photos.

Nota: Este teste foi realizado em um Lenovo B50-70 com o Windows de 64 bits 10



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