Booknish Jigsaw Virus — How to Remove It and Restore .booknish Files

Booknish Jigsaw Virus — How to Remove It and Restore .booknish Files

The Booknish Jigsaw Virus is the newest strain of the Jigsaw ransomware family. It uses a complex infection algorithm that can cause devastating damage to the infected hosts. Advanced versions of it can induce a Trojan-like behavior that can spy on the users in real time, overtake control of the machines and load additional malware. Read our full removal guide in order to get rid of active infections.

Resumo ameaça

NomeBooknish Jigsaw
Tiporansomware, Cryptovirus
Pequena descriçãoThe ransomware encrypts sensitive information on your computer system with the .booknish extensions and demands a ransom to be paid to allegedly recover them.
Os sintomasO ransomware irá criptografar seus arquivos com um algoritmo de criptografia forte.
distribuição MétodoOs e-mails de spam, Anexos de e-mail
Ferramenta de detecção See If Your System Has Been Affected by Booknish Jigsaw


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Experiência de usuárioParticipe do nosso Fórum to Discuss Booknish Jigsaw.
Ferramenta de recuperação de dadosWindows Data Recovery por Stellar Phoenix Aviso prévio! Este produto verifica seus setores de unidade para recuperar arquivos perdidos e não pode recuperar 100% dos arquivos criptografados, mas apenas alguns deles, dependendo da situação e se você tem ou não reformatado a unidade.

Booknish Jigsaw Virus – Distribution Ways

This new strain associated with the Jigsaw virus family uses the traditional delivery tactics. Once again one of the most popular means is the use of mensagens de e-mail que utilizam Engenharia social tactics that attempt to manipulate the targets into interacting with the malware elements. The hackers behind the threat can either directly attach the strains to the messages or hyperlink them in body contents. In addition the messages can be used to spread cargas virais, dois exemplos populares são os seguintes:

  • instaladores de software — The criminals can embed the dangerous Booknish Jigsaw virus into application installers of various types: utilidades do sistema, creativity solutions, production software, office applications and even computer games. The virus infections are deployed automatically once the installers execute correctly.
  • documentos — The virus code can be embedded in documents of different types such as presentations, rich text files and spreadsheets. Usually the infections are done when the malware scripts are invoked. This is done if the victim users enable them.

The other deployment tactic is the use of seqüestradores de navegador which are dangerous browser extensions that seek to redirect the victim users to a hacker-controlled site. They are usually uploaded to the official plugin repositories which use fake user reviews, elaborate descriptions and counterfeit developer credentials. The browser plugins are made compatible with the most popular web browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safári, Ópera, Microsoft Edge e Internet Explorer.

The Booknish Jigsaw virus can also infect legitimate sites as well by using various scripts da web. The dangerous files spread by using affiliate and ad networks.

Booknish Jigsaw Virus – In-Depth Analysis

The initial security analysis reveals that the Booknish Jigsaw virus follows the behavior patterns associated with the previous versions that belong to this family of threats. Jigsaw strains are known for having a complex multi-stage infection.

The first part of the attacks are used to prepare the system for the actual ransomware module. This is done by launching a colheita de dados engine that can accumulate a large database of data. The collected information can be divided into two main types:

  • Sensitive Private Data — The corresponding malware engines can be configured into harvesting information that can reveal the identity of the victims. Example information includes the user’s name, endereço, número de telefone, localização geográfica, interesses, senhas e credenciais de conta.
  • Campaign Metrics Data — The hackers can instruct the Booknish Jigaw virus engine to extract data that can help optimize the attack campaigns. This includes all manners of operating system details and a detailed review of the installed hardware components.

In some cases the collected information can then be processed by a secondary module known as proteção discrição. It is used to prevent certain applications from interrupting the correct virus execution. Examples include anti-virus software, Máquina Virtual hosts ou ambientes sandbox. Some viruses opt to deleete themselves in the event that this step is not successful in order to evade detection.

After this is done the actual malware components of the threat can be started. Administrative access to the operating system is acquired through and then mudanças no sistema follows. This is usually done to the Registro do Windows. The virus sample analysis indicates that the engine manipulates both the strings associated with the operating system and the user-installed applications. This can result in the inability to run certain functions and overall performance issues. Further issues can arise when the virus is instituted as a ameaça persistente. Isso significa que ele vai começar automaticamente assim que o computador é iniciado. In connection with this the Booknish Jigsaw virus can make it impossible for the users to enter into the recovery menu.

This particular threat also hooks to system services and key Windows components in order to infect the system as deeply as possible. We expect to see Trojan-like behavior by inducing a network connection to a hacker-controlled server. It can be used to gather the collected information hijaked by the Jigsaw malware engine in the beginning of the infection. Such infections are also used to spy on the victims and take over control of the affected machines.

Once all prerequsite conditions have complete the ransomware engine is started. Like previous versions it uses a strong AES cipher in order to affect target user data. The victim files are chosen based on a built-in list of file types. Example data that is compromised includes the following:

  • arquivo
  • documentos
  • backups
  • Bases de dados
  • imagens
  • vídeos
  • Música

Como um resultado .booknish extension is applied to the victim files. One of the interesting features is that instead of a traditional ransom note an application frame that is created to look like a notification message. It contains the following text:

You have been weened
Seus arquivos pessoais estão sendo excluídos. Suas fotos, vídeos, documentos, etc…

Cada hora eu selecionar alguns deles para eliminar permanentemente,
therefore I won’t be able to to access them, ou.
Durante a primeira 24 hora que você só vai perder alguns arquivos,
o segundo dia a algumas centenas, o terceiro dia alguns milhares, e assim por diante.
Se você desligar o computador ou tentar me fechar, quando eu começar a próxima vez
você vai ter 1000 arquivos apagados como uma punição.

An initial ransomware sum is quoted, at the time of writing the captured strains of the Booknish Jigsaw request the sum of 100 Dólares.

Remove Booknish Jigsaw Virus and Restore .Booknish Jigsaw Files

Se o seu sistema de computador foi infectado com o Booknish Jigsaw vírus ransomware, você deve ter um pouco de experiência na remoção de malware. Você deve se livrar deste ransomware o mais rápido possível antes que ele possa ter a chance de se espalhar ainda mais e infectar outros computadores. Você deve remover o ransomware e siga o passo-a-passo guia de instruções fornecido abaixo.


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