Google Chrome com opção de alertar os usuários para o software que é potencialmente prejudicial

Esta semana o Google vai lançar um mecanismo especial de proteção da Navegação segura.

It will be available in Chrome and will benefit from many capabilities including detection of deceptive software that aims to make undesired and unexpected changes to the computer of the user. Em outras palavras, Google Chrome will make it possible to warn the users in cases when there are applications that are potentially unwanted. Nesses casos, Google Chrome will block the download of these applications.

Chrome avisá software harmfuThe new security gate will restrict programs that are in the category of plug-ins and toolbars. These pretend to be useful and helpful items, yet they change the homepage of the browser and many other settings and this affects the web navigation. Ao mesmo tempo, Google Chrome will not restrict these suspicious files forever, rather it will give the users the option to finish the operating through the web browser section of downloads.

This new protection will be available in all products by Google and in the software that uses API. When it comes to Mozilla Firefox it uses a white list system that can determine whether certain file that has been downloaded in malicious or is safe to use. On Windows however, the items that are outside the white list are to be checked by Google Safe Browsing based on metadata for establishing whether they are safe to download or not.

That security update was made last Thursday by the staff engineer at Google, Moheeb Abu Rajab. On his blog, the engineer confirmed that Google will expand the Safe Browsing protection and that it will cover additional kinds of deceptive software, namely programs that are designed to make changes to the computers of the users that they do not want and do not expect. The number of the suspicious downloads that the Safe Browsing protection service is currently is blocking is more than 3 million downloads per week.


Berta Bilbao

Berta é um pesquisador de malware dedicado, sonhando para um espaço cibernético mais seguro. Seu fascínio com a segurança de TI começou há alguns anos atrás, quando um malware bloqueado la fora de seu próprio computador.

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