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É o Windows 10 Versão 1511 Melhor que o Windows 7?

windows-10Despite all the controversies it has triggered, janelas 10 continues its evolution. Its first major update is already available. Let’s see what’s new and better in Windows 10 versão 1511, also referred to as Threshold 2, queda de atualização, Construir 10586.

According to Microsoft’s blog post, janelas 10 versão 1511 includes the following improvements:


Microsoft promises that the Fall Update has improved the boot time and it’s now 30% faster than Windows 7.


Cortana is now capable of keeping track of the events calendar, sending reminders, etc. Cortana is also available in Japan, Austrália, Canada and India, and it’s been customized to meet the needs of each market.

Microsoft borda

Edge is also updated and, as Microsoft claims, it’s now more secure and user-friendly. A tab preview is added, and it’s also able to sync the user’s Favorites and Reading list items across devices. Cortana is also included here – to notify users about coupon offers from retailers.


Microsoft has been constantly working towards enhancing the security and avoiding damaging data breaches. Here’s how the corp will secure its customers:

Credential Guard safeguards credentials inside a hardware-based virtualized environment and breaks the popular ‘pass the hashused in many major breaches.
Device Guard uses Trusted Boot to prevent intruders from installing malware, helping to keep company devices secure.
janelas Olá enables people to say goodbye to passwords with enterprise-grade biometrics including fingerprint and facial recognition.
Windows Defender, our free anti-malware service protecting almost 300 million Windows devices every day.

What about the enterprise PC?

janelas 10 will be in favor of its professional users:

With this first major update to Windows 10, we’re empowering them to do so—with the first platform which spans all device types, enables management of both corporate owned and BYOD, and upgrades existing devices. janelas 10 is already actively running on more than 110 million devices including 12 million business PCs, and is compatible with the past while embracing our new way of working.

Other advancements have been made towards a better functionality of Skype, Enviar, Phone and other media applications. Além disso, an activation problem has been solved, better drivers have been added. No geral, janelas 10 versão 1511 appears to be much more stable in comparison to the July 29 RTM version.

Contudo, some problem may still re-occur in terms of the updates policy. Claro, Microsoft has reassured us that things will only get better, with users getting more details about the updates. Controlling the update should also be improved.

Latest Windows Updates:
KB 3097877
novembro 10 patch Tuesday

Esperavelmente, Microsoft says that Threshold 2 is much better than the much favored Windows 7. Não obstante, many users will remain skeptical and will continue to prefer Win7 over Win10.

Ter um olhar para o official Windows 10 v. 1511 Reveja.

Milena Dimitrova

Milena Dimitrova

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