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Patches não relacionados à segurança da Microsoft disponíveis para dezembro 2016


It’s time to update Office 2013, 2016 e escritório 365 Click-to-Run.

Na terça-feira, Microsoft traditionally released its non-security bulletin, and although some of the patches were not available in certain parts of the world for a while, they are all now present and involve Office 2013 e escritório 2016.

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Microsoft usually releases a larger number of updates in even-numbered months on Tuesdays, hence Patch Tuesday. Only minor updates are released on a different day. Daily updates are related to malware database refreshes for Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials. Sometimes there is an extraordinary Patch Tuesday, two weeks after the regular Patch Tuesday. Some updates could be released at any time.

A detailed list of all the patches is available on TechNet.

Pelo visto, Microsoft has been quite focused on fixing Skype for Business this time, as the Office 365 client update Current Channel includes over 50 updates where only Skype for Business has 30 deles. The rest are related to Excel, perspectiva, Power Point, Word and the Office Suite.

Since it’s been only 2 days after the release of the patches, it’s still not yet clear whether there will be further problems with the fixes. Contudo, in case you encounter an issue, you can always discuss it at

Boyana Peeva

Boyana Peeva

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