Microsoft’s EULA Update: Hardware pirateado no Windows 10 Será Desabilitado?

We have been quite curious about what is currently happening with Windows 10. There has already been enough controversy in regards of the new update policy of Microsoft’s latest. A new spicy ingredient has just been added to the pot of Windows 10, and it’s already causing lots of ache.

We are talking about Section7b of the newly updated Microsoft Services End User License Agreement (EULA). It is called ‘Updates to the Services or Software, and Changes to These Terms’ and it goes down like that:

Sometimes you’ll need software updates to keep using the Services. We may automatically check your version of the software and download software updates or configuration changes, including those that prevent you from accessing the Services, playing counterfeit games, or using unauthorized hardware peripheral devices. You may also be required to update the software to continue using the Services. Such updates are subject to these Terms unless other terms accompany the updates, in which case, those other terms apply. Microsoft isn’t obligated to make any updates available and we don’t guarantee that we will support the version of the system for which you licensed the software.

Here is a screenshot:


Para colocar em menos palavras, every user that is currently running Windows 10 has already agreed that Microsoft can disable remotely pirated games (called ‘counterfeit’) or unlawfully hacked software and hardware.
Many questions can arise from what’s written above. Does “unauthorised hardware peripheral devices” mean that Microsoft can control the access to a pirated Xbox? It is clear that the updated EULA is not clear enough.

Questions remain about cracked software of all kinds, including Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop/ Adobe Illustrator. Will Microsoft only care about pirated games, or pirated software and hardware, em geral?

Microsoft’s Attempt to Fight Back Video Games Piracy?

Video game piracy has been an issue to game developers. Contudo, many developers have found a solution to piracy by hard-coding them. Hard-coding can be only solved by obtaining a purchased activation code on the PC, as explained by The very same problem is also becoming popular with Android and jailbroken iOS devices. We are all waiting for the explanation that Microsoft is probably about to give.

além do que, além do mais, Microsoft has already stated that ‘by accepting this agreement, you agree to receive these types of automatic updates without any additional notice.’ In other words, users will no longer need to choose whether to reboot their computers, or when to download and install updates. The end user will only have to decide when to reboot his PC once all of the updates are downloaded and installed.

More about the Windows 8 e Windows 10 Controversial Updates find here:

KB3022345 Update


Mais sobre o Windows 10 Segurança:

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Milena Dimitrova

Milena Dimitrova

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2 Comentários

  1. AvatarChuck

    This is only for xbox one, which is getting windows 10. That’s why it’s in the windows 10 acordo.

    unauthorized hardware peripherals means mod chips and hacked cheater controllers.

    counterfeit games means xbox console games. if they really meant PC they would have said counterfeit SOFTWARE.

    If they actually tried to delete pirated pc games, there would be false positives. and that’s simply not acceptable.

    1. AvatarSertab

      Thank you for the update :)


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