Ferramentas Top online eficaz para escritores

ferramentas on-line eficazes para escritoresEscritores sabem que o melhor dispositivo que pode usar para escrever um bom texto é o seu cérebro, que através da voz e os dedos poderia resultar em um excelente trabalho. Viver no mundo moderno de hoje no entanto, writers are offered various online productivity tools which they can try. After that they can decide whether these tools can be of any practice.

Writers do not like to be told what to do and they like to think of themselves as being different, individual and unique. Some of the writers would like certain online productivity tools, other will find the useless. Handy or not, these productivity tools for writers should be tried. Some of the best online productivity tools for writers are presented below, so that they can read the text and see or try for themselves.


All writers know that inspiration can come to them in various situations and different moments. In many cases they are outside, not able to write their thoughts down. Em tais casos, they can use the Evernote online tool. Considered to be the best advance notebook, this free to use application allows the writers to write down notes on their phones including content, features and sounds, photographs and then synch them on their tablet or laptop. The search with Evernote can be done by content, label, palavra. The notes can then be exchanged to another application such as Scrivener, por exemplo.

Writers should know that they can utilize their online Evernote account and get to their notes no matter where they are, since the notes are kept in the cloud. In this way the writers will never lose their information.


This is the name of the first word transforming system, which is composed to help the journalists. Writers do work in a structural manner and this interesting tool has the aim to envision exactly what their mind needs at that moment.

The Scrivener tool was invented by an author who was at a loss how to arrange his research and notes. The tool is good at arrangement of notes, corkboards, and organizers. In other words it helps the writer stay organized, keeps his drafts and notes in one place and can open them in a flash. The writer is in the position to label and sort these specific components, as well as to find them easily afterwards. Naturalmente, the entire original copy can be downloaded too in a Kindle digital format, screenplay, etc.

The best way for the writer to work with this tool is to finish the on-screen checking and editing, as in this way he will see the different types of points of interest and routes and will end with a better product. To sum things up, at the end the writer will get a screen which has placed the content on a page that is free of preoccupation. The writer here can use the ‘screenshot’ button in order to catch and then store the data as it is at that moment.


Produced by Beta, Shareist is a tool for catching and then arranging of different quotes and interesting things that are available throughout the web. This is a tool that is based on the old process of bookmarking. It gives the user a button to the program that can catch any blog, certain page, picture or feature. The writer than label and title that or put a remark. Then these notes can be saved in a private journal for the usage of the writer only. This journal can then be changed and rearranged.

Shareist tool is associated with protection. Em geral, the internet bookmarking has been seen as a kind of social facilitator, as the writer can show, impart and also examine the interesting, smart and cool stuff that he has found. The online tool aims to help that writer to arrange one’s your own findings and to move fast through the interesting things on the web, saving them for a time when one feels relaxed. With the free version of the tool, the writer can make one record book. With the aid version, the writer can make several record books and thus save information on different tasks.


The AutoCrit application can help the writers by pointing out to them the mistakes in their composition, spelling and linguistic usage. The tool can check the original copy for tedious style, latent composition, intemperate utilization of modifiers and so on. Em outras palavras, the tool can filter the defects in the structure and can improve the style of the work. The online tool has been invented by the language specialist and author Nina Davies and is a paid tool.

Being a writer has its romantic appeal, but it also means a lot of hard work. Playing with the language is exciting, but also very difficult. That is why the authors can try the enumerated tools and see if any of them will help them produce texts of better quality.


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