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Remover REKTLocker ransomware e restauração .rekt arquivos criptografados

rektlocker-ransom-note-sensorstechforumRansomware variant, known by the name REKTLocker has been reported to use the .rekt file extension and the RSA-2048 encryption algorithm to encipher user data. The virus then changes the wallpaper with the ransom demands, wanting the sum of 1 BTC como uma recompensa de resgate. Users who have become unfortunate victims of this malware are strongly advised by experts NOT to pay any ransom money and fight off this malware by isolating it and removing it and trying to restore the files themselves. We recommend that you read this article thoroughly to learn more information about REKTLocker ransomware and how to restore your files and remove it from your system.

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Tipovírus ransomware
Pequena descriçãoREKTLocker encrypts the files of the systems it infects, Perguntando 1 BTC como uma recompensa de resgate.
Os sintomasFiles are encrypted and no longer accessible with an added .rekt file extension and a dropped Readme.txt file.
distribuição MétodoVia URLs maliciosos, malicious e-mail attachments or other forms of online spam.
Ferramenta de detecção See If Your System Has Been Affected by REKTLocker


Remoção de Malware Ferramenta

Experiência de usuárioParticipe do nosso fórum para Discuss REKTLocker Ransomware.
Ferramenta de recuperação de dadosWindows Data Recovery por Stellar Phoenix Aviso prévio! Este produto verifica seus setores de unidade para recuperar arquivos perdidos e não pode recuperar 100% dos arquivos criptografados, mas apenas alguns deles, dependendo da situação e se você tem ou não reformatado a unidade.

REKTLocker – Distribution Methods

Igual a other ransomware, to spread and infect victims while they are unsuspecting, REKTLocker may use a set of tools that might help it reach its goals:

  • Malware obfuscators.
  • JavaScript files.
  • exploit Kits.
  • Spam bots or spamming services.
  • Third-party advertisers and ad-supported PUP services.

These tools may be used to slither the malware in the form of malicious web links or malicious attachments. The web links may seem legitimate when scanned for malware, but they may cause browser redirects to the actual infection URLs that may inject a malicious script and drop the payload in a drive-by manner.

anexos maliciosos, Contudo, may carry an exploit kit or be in a .js, .Exe, .dll or .tmp files which may cause the infection. Such are primarily posted as e-mail attachments that usually resemble Adobe Reader or Microsoft Office documents.

REKTLocker – More Information

As soon as REKTLocker has been initiated on the computer of the user, it may drop its malicious files in the following folders:

  • %Dados do aplicativo%
  • %temp%
  • %Roaming%
  • %Local%
  • %% SystemDrive
  • %Perfil do usuário%
  • %Janelas%

The files dropped by REKTLocker may be more than one, and they may have different file formats depending on what they have been created to do. Por exemplo, if the ransomware drops a .BAT (Batch file) it is most likely dropped to delete the backups and shadow volume copies of the computer, using the following administrative command:

→ vssadmin sombras de exclusão / all / quiet

As soon as it has dropped the files, the REKTLocker ransomware may create malicious registry values in the following Windows Registry keys for it’s executable that encrypts files to run when Windows starts up:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software \Microsoft\Windows\ CurrentVersion \Run
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Software\Microsoft \Windows\ CurrentVersion\Run
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft \Windows\ CurrentVersion\RunOnce
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Software\Microsoft \Windows\CurrentVersion \RunOnce

Após isso foi feito, REKTLocker may begin the encryption process. The virus may use an RSA-2048 encryption algorithm which will generate a decryption key and send it to the cybercriminals’ C&C (Comando e controle) server after encrypting files of the following type:

  • Arquivos de áudio.
  • Pictures and other image files.
  • Os arquivos de vídeo.
  • Bases de dados.
  • arquivos do Photoshop.
  • documentos do Microsoft Office.
  • Web files.
  • Other files associated with widely used software.

After the encryption has been completed, REKTLocker ransomware changes the structure of the files making them inaccessible and looking like the following example:


depois de criptografia, the REKTLocker ransomware adds a Readme.txt file along with a photo which it changes as a wallpaper. Here is what they both state:

“You PC has been locked with 2048 bits de criptografia.
Readme.txt file:
“Your computer has been encrypted.
Enviar 1 BTC to 1NuLLtgCmigRb5mXeFgsGDFnVLypLC4a8Y or your files will be permanently encrypted.
Other peoples keys will not work on your computer.
Do not think your antivirus will save you; it will not.”

REKTLocker Ransomware – Conclusion, Remoção, and File Restoration

Como uma linha de fundo, REKTLocker has most likely been purchased as a service (Raas) online from a deep web forum and the people behind it, have inserted some crooked humor, by including the file extension .rekt in it, with a reference to a so-called “owning” in video games. We advise not to respect the demands of these cyber-crooks and focus on dealing with the threat yourself. Para fazer isso, you should first remove REKTLocker ransomware and after this, focus on getting your files back by following the instructions below.

To remove REKTLocker, we have designed methodologically arranged steps that will help you with manually locating and removing the files as long as you have the exact knowledge of where all the files are. Para uma eficácia máxima, we urge you to use an advanced anti-malware program, because it will not only automatically detect and remove REKTLocker and other hazards to your PC, but will also protect it in the future as well.

In case you are interested in restoring your files, make sure to back the encrypted data first and DO NOT reinstall Windows. This will help programs such as data recovery software which we suggest using in step “3. Restore files encrypted by REKTLocker” to act more effectively and revert at least a small portion of your files. While you attempt to restore your files, we also strongly recommend following this article and our updates, since we will immediately post an update as soon as malware research experts have released a free decryptor for REKTLocker ransomware.


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