Topo 5 Wireless Mobile impressoras fotográficas em 2018 (Buyers Guide)

smartphones, drones e outros dispositivos que podem capturar fotos e vídeos estão à nossa volta que fez a fotografia o hobby mais popular no mundo. Como consequência um dos presentes mais comprados para o Natal, birthdays and other occasions are mobile wireless photo printers that can print out photos in a few seconds. Instead of buying large machines that require much more care and maintenance the industry has created a whole new niche that caters to social media power users, family snappers and geeks in creating an easy portable solution that can make analog copies of the captured memories.

This article shows some of the best buys that prospective owners can have for this year. The selected models are based on the excellent technical specifications, customer feedback and industry leadership of the vendors.

5. Canon Pixma iP110

Canon Pixma iP110

This model is one of the best representatives in this category of devices being a classic in Canon’s lineup. It is well-known and can be bought from practically every computer ship having the ability to print a full 4×6 borderless photo in less than a minute.The standard features include wireless printing using the supported protocols and apps. Canon have developed the relevant software that allows mobile users to print office documents from the built-in memory of their smartphones or tablets, as well as cloud services like OneDrive and Google Drive. Photos from Facebook, Twitter and various web photo albums can also be printed directly without the use of a PC. A convenient feature is the Save Black Ink Mode feature which can create composite black from the other colored inks.

4. Canon IVY Mini

Canon IVY Mini

This is one of the newest offerings in this industry segment from Canon. The IVY Mini is one of the most compact printers on the market which measures less than 1tall and allows photos to be printed from compatible phones and tablets. It is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery and uses Bluetooth connectivity to connect to the users iOS or Android devices. As such it needs no cables to connect to the devices.

Instead of traditional ink it uses Zink Zero Ink technology which applies heat to the different layers of dye that are used by the special paper. Practically the only asset that IVY Mini owners need are the printer itself and the special paper itself. The created photos are 2 x 3and feature a peel-off adhesive backing. They are also smudge-proof and resistant to water damage. The printing speed is adequate, a photo is produced for about 50 seconds and a single charge can create approximately 20 prints in total.

3. Kodak Photo Printer Dock

Kodak Photo Printer Dock

The Kodak Photo Printer Dock is one of the most versatile offerings on the market today. It can use both USB ou Sem fio connections for the devices pairing and can produce a full-size 4×6″ standard postcard-sized photo in about a minute. For wired connections the device comes with an included Android Dock Pin and a free iOS Lighting adapter. It is also compatible with various USB devices including cameras, removable USB sticks, tablets and more.

o DOCK technology allows the device owners to charge up to two smart devices which means that the printer doubles as a battery. The thermal transfer technology creates photos that won’t bleed or fade. The free Kodak companion app allows device owners to apply filters, stickers, templates and other designs to their photos.

2. HP Sprocket

HP Sprocket

HP’s Sprocket is one of the most well-known mobile printers. It weights just under 6 oz and it is designed to be carried around in a small case and carried alongside all other smart devices. It uses the same ZINK Zero Ink technology that results in excellent photos that are water-resistant and have a special adhesive on the back. The printed materials are 2 X 3 ” and a single photo can be made in 40 segundos. Up to 10 sheets can be held at a time. The useful extra that comes with Sprocket is the built-in 500 mAh which makes the device power independent.

We have reviewed customer feedback about this particular model and HP Sprocket has received many excellent reviews from users earning it second place.

1. Fujifilm instax SHARE SP-3

Fujifilm instax SHARE SP-3

This new offering from Fujifilm is expected to receive a cult following as it allows users to easily print photos from their wireless devices. It is one of the fastest solutions — a photo can be produced for 13 segundos. The image size is the classic squre format of 2.4 x 2.4which is both a classic reminder from the past and a very useful composition tool for creative expression. The special instamax technology reduces the risk of color and sharpness deterioration and allows the users to choose from a wide range of printing modes through the supplied mobile apps (for both iOS and Android): split, collage, real-time templates, limited, filters and etc.


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