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Rimuovere Dnsioweb.net, dnsIOBundle.exe dal PC

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TipoDirottatore del browser
breve descrizioneDnsioweb.net is set as the default homepage, after an associated software is installed onto the PC.
SintomiThe homepage is changed to Dnsioweb.net.
Metodo di distribuzioneVia silent installers, pacchetti freeware (bundling), o dal suo sito ufficiale.
Strumento di rilevamentoScarica SpyHunter, to See If Your System Has Been Affected By Dnsioweb.net

Secondo una ricerca di sicurezza, Dnsioweb.net (DnsIO) is a search engine powered by Yahoo results. Tuttavia, it may act as a browser hijacker, especially when users haven’t downloaded any software associated with Dnsioweb.net by choice. È interessante notare che, the software in question can be referred as anti-malware since it should:

  • Protect computers from infections and threats.
  • Increase the user’s security by blocking suspicious websites.

The DnsIO software is free for fownload. The primary executable file is dnsIOBundle.exe.


All'inizio, its installer may appear to be okay, even though it will set the homepage to Dnsioweb.net. Tuttavia, if you pay close attention, you will notice the following:


NullSoft Install System is an open source installation system created by WinAmp. Even though it may have been created for a certain application, it is currently a general-purpose installer that can be used by anyone. In altre parole, DnsIO’s installer is a silent one which means that any software can sneak into the user’s system.

How did Dnsioweb.net Hijack My Browser?

Once the software is installed, the user’s default homepage and search engine will be changed to www.dnsioweb.net without his knowledge or permission. Besides being downloaded from the official website, the browser hijacker probably sneaked into the system thanks to a bundled download. This means that DnsIO-associated software may have been included in another freeware installer. By skipping the advanced/ custom installation, the user may have let the hijacker into his system without even suspecting.

Come abbiamo già detto, bundling is the most likely distribution used to spread hijackers across the Web. Here is a list of various types of free software users tend to download:

→Lettori multimediali, Video Recorders, Video Streamers, File and MP3 Converters, PDF Creators.

Such products typically downloaded from freeware pages can be defined as third-party software. Third-party software developers often cooperate with shady online advertisers in their attempt to spread their products. In compenso, advertisers may seek data obtained by users in order to circulate targeted advertisements. To stay guarded against that scheme, just be careful when planning to download free stuff from random download websites.

Tuttavia, if a silent installer such as InstallShield or PackagefortheWeb, si usa, the user may not even know what is being installed alongside the primary application.

Is Dnsioweb.net Dangerous? Should I Remove DnsIO?

As written in the Privacy Policy, the developers of Dnsioweb.net collect information from users. See the image below:


Inoltre, the primary piece of software may have brought a troublesome product that may increase the system’s vulnerability to malicious software. When a silent installation has happened, the safest thing to do is scan the system via valid anti-malware software, since there is no way to know what may be running in the background. Refer to the step-by-step guide below to rid the system of any ill-intended software.

Spy Hunter scanner rileva solo la minaccia. Se si desidera che la minaccia da rimuovere automaticamente, è necessario acquistare la versione completa del tool anti-malware.Per saperne di più sullo strumento SpyHunter Anti-Malware / Come disinstallare SpyHunter

1. Start Your PC in Safe Mode to Remove Dnsioweb.net
2. Remove Dnsioweb.net automatically with Spy Hunter Malware - Strumento di rimozione.

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