UC Browser è un adware?

UC Browser è un adware?

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Cosa è UC Browser? È UC Browser legittimo o una truffa? È UC Browser un adware? Come rimuovere UC Browser PUP dal vostro PC o Mac?

Il UC Browser PUP is a malware version of a legitimate and well-known web browser. It is made by multiple hacker groups and distributed over the Internet in large-scale distribution campaigns. These samples can lead to many different types of malicious actions, including the delivery of other threats. Even if the real UC Browser is installed on a given system we recommend that users check if it is not a malware or a PUP.

Sommario minaccia

NomeUC Browser
TipoAdware, PUP
breve descrizionePoses as a legitimate and useful web browser.
SintomiLe vittime possono notare i problemi di prestazioni e possono infettarsi con altri malware.
Metodo di distribuzionePrincipalmente attraverso siti di download e reti di file sharing.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by UC Browser


Strumento di rimozione malware

Esperienza utenteIscriviti alla nostra Forum to Discuss UC Browser.

UC Browser PUP — How Did I Get It?

Il UC Browser is a popular web browser of which many PUP derivatives have been made. Loro sono virus-infected copies of the software which are widely distributed posing as the real and safe program. This is a very popular threat as there are various made for many operating systems.

Infections can be made using a variety of methods, due to the fact that it is one of the most popular browsers among the younger generation. This has provoked a rise of the PUP variants. Un metodo comune è il coordinamento di campagne di email di phishing that are sent to the victims. Various social engineering tactics are used in order to persuade them into installing the UC Browser PUP — an optimized web browsing experience, improvements over previous versions and etc.

L'altro metodo popolare è quello di creare scam Internet sites that aim to imitate well-known download portals, motori di ricerca e pagine di destinazione. They are hosted on similar sounding web pages to popular locations and may be signed with security certificates.

The installation of the browser can be triggered by interaction with various vettori payload of which there are two main types — modified documents that include malicious macros (di tutti i tipi: documenti di testo, fogli di calcolo, presentazioni e database) e installazione di applicazioni.

Remove UC123.com absolutely. UC123.com is a domain of a browser hijacker. Follow the UC123.com browser hijacker removal instructions provided at the end
Rimuovere UC123.com Redirect

The UC Browser PUP infection can also be triggered via the installation and use of browser hijacker which are dangerous plugins made for the most popular browsers. They are widely used to redirect the users to a hacker-controlled page (usually a download landing site) or to directly deliver the UC Browser PUP to the victim computers. One of the most popular places where such hijackers can be found are the associated plugin repositories where they are posted with fake user reviews and developer credentials.

UC Browser PUP – What Does It Do?

il maligno UC Browser PUP versions can cause a series of dangerous actions on the affected devices. In many cases the users will not be able to distinguish between the legitimate and a fake and malicious PUP. In this case there may be more than one hacker collective sending out the UC Browser PUP to their intended victims. This means that different campaigns can be intermixed and several different infections can provide different behavior patterns.

Such samples can launch a sequence of dangerous actions that are governed by the hackers. Such infections usually begin with a i dati di raccolta component which can be used to gather information about the victim users thereby exposing their identity. It can also be used to generate an unique infection ID that can differentiate each host.

Il UC Browser has recently been found to include a bug in its stable release which allows computer hackers to deliver malware. This is found within the Android release showing that the company behind it has also violated the rules of the Google Play Store which prohibits such software to be uploaded to the official repository. Given this history of violations it is recommended that users of all UC Browser versions check if they are running the latest version. It is alarming that this is due to a design flaw which may pave the way for other exploits in future releases which may still remain undiscovered.

Many similar PUPs can use the acquired information in order to bypass the existing security applications and services which usually targets anti-virus programs, firewall, virtual host di macchine e ambienti sandbox.

When these components have finished running various other malicious actions can take place:

  • Windows modifica del Registro di sistema — The associated engine can lead to multiple edits in the Windows Registry. They can create strings for the PUP itself and modify existing entries and delete them. This leads to serious performance issues, errori imprevisti e perdita di dati.
  • Persistent Infections - Il UC Browser PUPs can be programmed to edit important configuration files which can block the users ability to access recovery boot menus. An additional consequence is that this will make most manual user removal guides worthless.
  • rimozione dei dati — The engine can locate and remove sensitive data which makes recovery much more difficult: backup, ombra copie di volume e punti di ripristino.
  • UC Browser Adware ComponentUC Browser can add an adware component that can load a lot of pop-ups and gather data about its users.
  • Additional Threats Deliver — The dangerous versions of the UC Browser can be programmed to deliver other threats, popular ones include Trojans and cryptocurrency miners.

Come UC Browser PUP samples are made by various hacker collectives around the world the variants will just continue being produced. Inoltre, il UC Browser Adware possono essere aggiunti. Every single acquired samples can have a different behavior pattern which makes this PUP extremely dangerous. As soon as it has been placed on a given computer we advise that a quality anti-spyware solution is used in order to ensure that it is not a malicious release.

Remove UC Browser PUP

Al fine di eliminare completamente UC Browser dal sistema del computer, si consiglia di seguire le istruzioni di rimozione sotto questo articolo. If the first two manual removal steps do not seem to work and you still see UC Browser or programs, ad essa collegate, suggeriamo che la maggior parte esperti di sicurezza consigliano - per scaricare ed eseguire una scansione del vostro comptuer con un programma anti-malware affidabile. Scaricando questo software non solo di risparmiare tempo, but will remove all of UC Browser files and programs related to it and will protect your computer against such intrusive apps and malware in the future.


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