Comcast Releases Atendimento ao AI-Powered para proteger os dispositivos conectados

Comcast Releases Atendimento ao AI-Powered para proteger os dispositivos conectados

Comcast havia feito um importante anúncio sobre um novo serviço AI-alimentado que se destina a monitorar, bloquear e informar os clientes sobre as ameaças online conectados a redes domésticas. O serviço é chamado XFINITY XFI Segurança Avançada, and its main purpose is to protect users from malware attacks and intruders.

Comcast has pointed out that there will be more than 13 connected devices per person in North America only, as estimated by Cisco researchers. The issue is that the majority of users neither have the knowledge nor the tools to secure their devices, especially in cases when these devices don’t have keyboards or screens.

There are already a number of dangerous attacks targeting IoT devices and enslaving them in botnet operations. Let’s take

the BCMUPnP_Hunter botnet which is specifically targeted against IoT devices. The botnet exploits a five-year old vulnerability which appears to be left unpatched by many devices and vendors. The botnet has infected about 100,000 IoT devices since its launch.

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Comcast’s xFi Advanced Security Service Should Protect Consumers’ Devices

The xFi Advanced Security service is expected to protect against malicious attacks:

xFi Advanced Security was developed to protect devices in this new hyper-connected reality. It uses AI and machine learning technology to monitor and analyze Wi-Fi traffic in the home, and will automatically block identified suspicious activity in real time.

The service utilizes a simple, intuitive user interface to inform customers of blocked threats, and when necessary, provides instructions on how to further secure affected devices, the company added in their announcement. The user-friendly service doesn’t require any setup, and is activated once the user turns it on.

This means that “protection is automatically extended to any device that is connected to the home network wirelessly or by ethernet”, Como explained by Comcast. Users are also able to review a list of actions related to security using the xFi dashboard which is accessible from the mobile app and online.


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