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FusionBrowser Beschreibung und Entfernen

ArtAd-unterstützten Webbrowser.
kurze BeschreibungFusionBrowser promises to improve browsing experience.
SymptomeMay slow down the PC. Uses suspicious search engine redirect. Stays always on top of desktop. Difficult to close. May collect sensitive information.
VerteilungsmethodeVia Freeware-Packages (Bündelung), oder Website Umleitungen.
Werkzeug zur ErkennungLaden Sie SpyHunter, to See If Your System Has Been Affected By FusionBrowser

Fusion-Browser-DesktopEin neuer Browser, als Adware PUP angesehen (Potentiell unerwünschte Programme) von den meisten Antiviren-Programme, die Software verwenden Tracking-Informationen zu sammeln, hat sich, Tragen Sie den Namen FusionBrowser. Experten warnen, dass die Software mehrere unbekannte Erweiterungen läuft, is very difficult to close and is constantly on top of the user screen. It also employs the infamous Trovi.com search engine that is also detected to be used by some browser hijackers. Experts recommend the removal of FusionBrowser since it may slow down computer performance and also might conceal certain risks to the user.

How Did I Install FusionBrowser?

The common way of installing FusionBrowser is from their website fusionbrowser.net. Jedoch, the most probable mean of such PUP slipping into user PCs is by just including it in installers. Third-party sites may sometimes do this service to promote new software. You may have skipped a step in the installation of another free program that may have said something, like ‘Include FusionBrowser as a free extra’ or similar. Even though such opt-out pages seem to be hard to miss, many users tend to skip them, and this is how PUPs such as FusionBrowser may be installed onto the computer. Another mean of installation is being redirected to their web page or directly to their download hotlink. Jedoch, it is less likely to happen.

FusionBrowser Description

Wenn erforscht, there were few details about this app that raised our eyebrows. One of them was the claims that the company may obtain personal information from the user. Even though initially it is stated that they will disclose aggregated information, we have noticed that they claim that they may share it with third parties when they use certain services.


When we researched these third parties we have found that FusionBrowser is using the Trovi Search engine, which is employed by several other unwanted programs, sowie WebDiscover Browser und WindeskWinsearch and uses various cookies with long expiration dates.


Also there were four unknown to us browser extensions, running as active processes on the computer:

Rain alarm extension
Unlimited free VPN Hola
Facebook Messenger Notifications

All of the extensions identified were legitimate and were providing different services. Our attention was grabbed by one particular – Honey, which according to investigators may offer various coupons related to a product user, may be buying online. As far as FusionBrowser’s privacy policy is concerned, these extensions may be the third party services that use personal user information to improve services.

Um so mehr,, FusionBrowser was actively running on the user desktop. We did not manage to find any user-friendly way do close the application, since it did not have an X button or another way to close. More so it was running on top of the screen all the time, even though other windows were opened. The only way that we found useful is via the Windows Task Manager, where ironically we have identified almost three times as many chrome.exe processes taking power from the CPU than the regular Google Chrome.


Several anti-malware tools also detect FusionBrowser as a PUP. PUPs may not be directly dangerous to the user. Jedoch, most of them are being detected mainly for two reasons. The first reason is that they may collect various information via cookies usually employed by third-party services. The other reason may be the fact that such programs display advertisements and sometimes even cause redirects to malicious pages that may scan the user or infect his PC with malware. This is why it is recommended to remove any program that is identified as a PUP.

How To Remove FusionBrowser?

To manually uninstall FusionBrowser, please refer to the after mentioned step-by-step instructions below. Bedenke, dass nach der Deinstallation, some objects, related to FusionBrowser may remain on your computer. This is why experts advise installing a professional anti-malware tool that will detect and eradicate any files and prevent future threats from penetrating your PC’s defences.

Spy Hunter Scanner nur die Bedrohung erkennen. Wenn Sie wollen, dass die Bedrohung automatisch entfernt wird, Müssen sie die vollversion des anti-malware tools kaufen.Erfahren Sie mehr über SpyHunter Anti-Malware-Tool / Wie SpyHunter Deinstallieren

1. Remove/Uninstall FusionBrowser

1. Remove/Uninstall FusionBrowser in Windows

Hier ist eine Methode, in wenigen einfachen Schritten, um das Programm zu entfernen. Egal ob Sie mit Windows arbeiten 8, 7, 10, Vista oder XP, diese Schritte werden den Job zu erledigen. Ziehen Sie das Programm oder den entsprechenden Ordner in den Papierkorb kann eine sehr schlechte Entscheidung. Wenn Sie das tun, Bits und Stücke des Programms hinter sich gelassen zu bekommen, und das kann zu instabilen Arbeit von Ihrem PC führen, Fehler mit den Dateitypzuordnungen und andere unangenehme Tätigkeiten. Der richtige Weg, um ein Programm von Ihrem Computer zu erhalten, ist es zu deinstallieren. Um das zu tun:

  • Halten Sie die Windows-Logo-Knopf und “R” auf Ihrer Tastatur. Ein Pop-up-Fenster erscheint (Abb.1).
  • appwiz

  • In der Feldtyp in “appwiz.cpl” und drücken ENTER (Abb.2).
  • Fusion-Browser-uninstall

  • Dies öffnet ein Fenster mit allen auf dem PC installierten Programme zu öffnen.
    Wählen Sie das Programm, das Sie entfernen möchten, und drücken “Uninstall” (Abb.3).
  • Follow the instructions above and you will successfully uninstall FusionBrowser.

    2. Remove FusionBrowser automatically with Spy Hunter Malware - Removal Tool.

    2. Remove FusionBrowser automatically with Spy Hunter Malware – Removal Tool.

    Um den Computer mit der preisgekrönten Software Spy Hunter reinigen – donload_now_140
    Es wird dringend empfohlen, einen Scan vor dem Kauf der Vollversion der Software, um sicherzustellen, dass die aktuelle Version der Malware kann durch SpyHunter erkannt werden ausgeführt.


    Berta Bilbao

    Berta ist ein spezieller Malware-Forscher, Träumen für eine sichere Cyberspace. Ihre Faszination für die IT-Sicherheit begann vor ein paar Jahren, wenn eine Malware sie aus ihrem eigenen Computer gesperrt.

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