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Diese Entfernung Guide, hilft Ihnen zu entfernen Umleitung von betroffenen Browsern – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, und der Computer. is a website that provides a hoax search engine. It is considered to be a potentially unwanted program as it usually lands on your system by utilizing some shady techniques of distribution. The program could also be classified as a browser hijacker due to its capabilities to alter important browser settings that allow it to appear during each browsing session. In order to prevent some issues related to your online privacy and prevent your system from being attacked by other malware infections, you need to remove redirect as soon as you notice its presence.

Threat Zusammenfassung
ArtBrowser Hijacker, PUP
kurze BeschreibungThe domain can be set as homepage and new tab on each affected browser. Ein Schelm Suchmaschine als Standard Eins gesetzt.
SymptomeThe homepage and new tab browser page of affected browsers can display the main page of hijacker. Viele Umleitungen und Anzeigen können während des Surfens Sitzungen auftreten.
VerteilungsmethodeFreeware-Installationen, gebündelte Pakete
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by


Malware Removal Tool

BenutzererfahrungAbonnieren Sie unseren Forum to Discuss – Spread Techniques

Most of the times invades computer systems via third-party installers. Such installers have additional components that contain potentially unwanted programs. These programs are usually set to install by default and if you just click the Next button during the installation process when you click Finish you may end up with having installed a hijacker on your system. In order to prevent such an adverse impact you need to choose the Advanced or Custom setup options where you can deselect all undesired apps. may also be injected into various web pages used in advertising campaigns. Visiting such pages may result in an automatic download of the infection on the system. umleiten können die folgenden Browser beeinflussen: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Rand, Internet Explorer und Safari. – Mehr Details

Die verdächtige Domain provides a hoax search engine that redirects all search queries to Yahoo search. The simplistic design may mislead you that is a reputable website. Jedoch, the fact that it modifies essential browser settings without your knowledge is a proof that it acts like a typical browser hijacker.

By changing the settings of the homepage, neue Registerkarte und die Standard-Suchmaschine, ensure its persistent presence in your browser. Once it invades your system you may see its main page each time you are surfing the net: redirect main page

The redirect aims to generate as many advertisements as possible to all affected users because each click on an ad generates revenue to its creators. The model is called pay-per-click and is widely used by website owners to monetize their projects.

Weiter, may obtain all your search queries as well as browsing history. The records may be used again for advertising purposes or sold to third-party providers. – Datenschutz-Bestimmungen

If you want to understand what kind of data a website you regularly visit is able to collect from you just locate the Privacy Policy page and visit it. Die Datenschutzrichtlinie von can be accessed by its main page. A hyperlink situated right below the search field opens the policy page. You can see a picture of the policy below: privacy policy page

The first thing we noticed is that the last update of the policy was made in September 2015 which is a long time ago. The second one is the name of the company owner of this nasty hijackerPapershorty. The company confirms the collection of certain information from your device and browser once you choose to use their software and services.
The details obtained and recorded on servers are:

  • Die Art und Version Ihres Betriebssystem des Computers
  • IE-Browser-Version
  • Installierte Hardware
  • Java Ressourcenverfügbarkeit
  • .NET Ressourcen Verfügbarkeit
  • Country/region
  • Internetprotokoll (IP) Anschrift
  • cookies related data

The records with your information may be sold to third-parties or most likely used for advertising purposes. In case that you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, you should stop using website by deleting it from your system and affected browser.

Remove Redirect

Im Folgenden sind alle Schritte aufgelistet, die Ihnen helfen zu entfernen umleiten vollständig von einem betroffenen Chrome, Mozilla, Forscher, oder Safari-Browser. Der Leitfaden enthält Schritte, die zeigen, wie das fiese Programm aus dem Windows-System zu entfernen und. Sie können wählen, ob eine manuelle oder eine automatische Entfernung folgen. Sobald Sie die manuelle Entfernung einige Reste vervollständigen können auf dem System verbleiben, so dass Sie überprüfen müssen, ob Ihr PC sicher ist oder nicht. Mit einem Scan eines fortgeschrittenen Anti-Malware-Tool, Sie werden in der Lage sein, alle schädlichen Dateien zu finden und entfernen Sie sie vollständig aus dem PC.

Manually delete von Windows- und Browser

Notiz! Erhebliche Benachrichtigung über die Bedrohung: Manuelle Entfernung von erfordert Eingriffe in Systemdateien und Registrierungsstellen. So, es kann zu Schäden an Ihrem PC führen. Auch wenn Ihr Computer Fähigkeiten nicht auf professionellem Niveau, mach dir keine Sorgen. Sie können die Entfernung selbst nur in zu tun 5 Minuten, Verwendung einer Malware Removal Tool.

1. Remove or Uninstall in Windows
2. Remove from Your Browser and Your Registry Editor

Automatically remove durch eine erweiterte Anti-Malware-Programm herunterzuladen

1. Remove with SpyHunter Anti-Malware Tool and back up your data
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Gergana Ivanova

Gergana Ivanova ist ein Computer-Sicherheit-Enthusiasten. Sie hält über die neuesten Malware-Probleme verfolgen und hofft, dass mehr Menschen Hacker austricksen wird.

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