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Os dispositivos Android permitem o uso offline do GPS e do Google Maps

Os dispositivos Android permitem o uso offline do GPS e do Google MapsMuitos usuários estavam se perguntando se poderiam fazer o download de mapas em seus celulares quando tiverem conexão com a Internet e usá-los quando não tiverem acesso à Internet.. The questions were raised as there is no cellphone coverage everywhere and often finding an address is very important. With all that in mind, now the Android version of Google Maps allows download of maps that could be used later.
Contudo, this new service is limited. How is that done?

Google Maps allows users to save map data for the region that is currently displayed on the user’s screen. Then the user can pull the map out at any moment and use it no matter where is he and even if the phone is currently in an airplane mode. The user however will notice that the Offline Maps are limited in size. They display a large image of the region, instead of the map that the user has saved. Another issue here is that the user cannot use navigation tools and GPS tools with the maps that are saved.

The users who want to apply the feature should get the right map on the screen, pull it up into the sheet – this is the white band with the information placed at the bottom of the screen. Then the user should select the ‘Save ma to use offline’ and should follow the prompts. In order to access the saved map, the user needs to tap the small menu tab that is displayed in the left corner and tap ‘Your Places’ in the open menu. Então, the user should scroll down to the Offline maps.

Os usuários, who find this service insufficient and would prefer GPS or a larger map, should try the free MapFactor’s Navigator. This app offers a great selection of maps available from the OpenStreetMap and covers all continents but Antarctica. The limits here are associated with the storage of the user’s device and the one’s time. The users who want to download and use maps of the United States, por exemplo, should plug their phones into the AC power and download everything over the wireless internet. The transportation mode could also be set with options for Pedestrian, Bicycle, Car, Bus, Truck. With this app the user can save favorite locations, set route info and run the odometer.


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