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Esteja atento, É dia de Privacidade de Dados!

A importância de feriados é proverbial em um nível global. alguns feriados, Contudo, não deve ser comemorado em um estado de embriaguez. Alguns feriados requerem atenção e não são todos sobre a confusão. Vamos Dia talk Privacidade de Dados.

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Dia da Privacidade dos Dados: The Story

This most important day in modern history is also known as Data Protection Day. Como você deve ter adivinhado, it’s celebrated on January 28. Data Privacy Day’s timeline takes us back to 2007. It was high time people started paying attention to the small print, wasn’t it? The devil is in the details.

dados de privacidade dias de iniciação-stforum

Dia da Privacidade dos Dados, or Privacy Day for short, officially is in tribute across Europe, the US and Canada. Contudo, we feel like as many world citizens as possible should join in and evaluate their level of privacy.

Por quê?

Privacy is paired with the most terrible of words:

  • Política de Privacidade
  • Privacy hoax
  • Data leaks
  • violações de dados
  • Data theft
  • agregação de dados
  • Mineração de dados

What does privacy stand for? Maybe we should just join IT Crowd’s Jen in her contemplation about the meaning of IT. Information technology is indeed the application of computers and telecommunications to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate dataand is somehow related to Jen’s vague belief that IT means Internet Things.

ISTO is commonly used as a synonym for computers and networks, but it also includes other information distribution technologies. The impact of IT is colossal, not to mention that several industries are interconnected with IT:

Computer hardware, Programas, electronics, semiconductors, Internet, telecom equipment, engineering, cuidados de saúde, e-commerce and computer services.

Many people still don’t know what IT truly is but are quite persistent on sharing personal information without giving it a second thought.

Dados, privacidade, tecnologia. They’re all interconnected, or perhaps they’re the same thing.

No wonder Privacy Day was ‘invented’. There is a continuously growing necessity of educational initiatives focusing on modern, technology-related issues. We all feed off the Internet, and it’s only natural that the Internet is feeding off us. Let’s spell it out: privacy comes at a certain price, even though it may be smartly disguised as a free-of-charge social network or some other service we just cannot live without. Modern people are more than willing to share everything about their lives. And that’s partially the problem.

Dia da Privacidade dos Dados: The Initiatives

Like we said in the beginning, this day is particularly about education and promotes various events and activities towards the improvement of data protection technology. Informação pessoalmente identificável is a bargaining chip and the question certainly is who has the highest bid.

privacidade de políticas de recolha de dados-stforum

Privacy day should serve to encourage as many organizations, independent experts and average users to work together towards building a more privacy-proof environment. The Wikipedia article about Data Privacy Day says that this international celebration ‘offers many opportunities for collaboration among governments, industry, academia, nonprofits, privacy professionals and educators’, and we’d love to see easily accessible events taking place wherever needed.

Dia da Privacidade dos Dados: The Immediate Measures

Reading this article all the way to the end suggests that you have concerns regarding privacy, and thus you’re silently celebrating Data Privacy Day every time you’re online. The very first thing we would suggest you do is watch documentaries that shed light on current, privacy-related events. Tais são Terms and Conditions May Apply, We Live in Public, Something Ventured, Revolution OS, etc. Today’s documentaries have their way of shifting opinions and presenting strong, undeniable arguments. Além disso, follow the news and pay close attention to violações de dados in companies and service providers. Suas informações pessoais, por exemplo. detalhes bancários, may be involved in terrible stories. Keep track of things and never skip your daily dose of IT news.

E finalmente, always make sure you go through the privacy policies and terms and conditions of any online service you plan to use.

Milena Dimitrova

Milena Dimitrova

Um escritor inspirado e gerente de conteúdo que está com SensorsTechForum desde o início do projeto. Um profissional com 10+ anos de experiência na criação de conteúdo envolvente. Focada na privacidade do usuário e desenvolvimento de malware, ela acredita fortemente em um mundo onde a segurança cibernética desempenha um papel central. Se o senso comum não faz sentido, ela vai estar lá para tomar notas. Essas notas podem mais tarde se transformar em artigos! Siga Milena @Milenyim

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