KB 3105210 – Yet Another Ghost Update for Windows

attention-updates-windows-loadingMicrosoft has already released about а dozen cumulative updates. At least that’s what appears if one decides to count down the released patches to this date. Contudo, the amount of released patches may not be as crystal as one would think – Microsoft’s update policy has been shaky, para dizer o mínimo, since the release of Windows 10.

If one is the kind of user who reads the patches’ descriptions and chooses whether to install or not a certain update, they know what we mean. KB 3105210 is most likely the 10th Windows 10 cumulative, released on July 29.

InfoWorld has created an unofficial list of Windows 10 atualizações:

  • agosto. 5 – KB 3081424
  • agosto. 12 – KB 3081436
  • agosto. 14 – KB 3081438
  • agosto. 18 – KB 3081444
  • agosto. 27 – KB 3081448
  • Sept. 8 – KB 3081455
  • Sept. 15 – KB 3095020 (for Russian, búlgaro, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Mongolian, and Tajik locale tags)
  • Sept. 30 – KB 3093266
  • outubro. 13 – KB 3097617, revised on Oct. 16
  • outubro. 20 – KB 3105514
  • outubro. 29 – KB 3105210, dated Oct. 27, but actually released on Oct. 29

What’s Peculiar about KB 3105210?

As with the official descriptions of other cumulative updates, the one for KB 3105210 doesn’t provide any useful information. This is what the statement by Microsoft is:

This update for Windows 10 includes functionality improvements and resolves the vulnerabilities in Windows that are described in the following Microsoft security bulletins and advisory:

KB3096448 MS15-107: atualização de segurança cumulativa para o Microsoft Edge: Outubro 27, 2015
KB3096441 MS15-106: Actualização de segurança cumulativa para o Internet Explorer: Outubro 27, 2015″

Tech-savvy users may have navigated to the página, as suggested by InfoWorld, where one recent change was published in regards of MS15-106:

V2.0 (Outubro 29, 2015) Bulletin revised to announce the release of a new Windows 10 atualização cumulativa (3105210) to address an additional vulnerability, CVE-2015-6045, which has been added to this bulletin. Only customers running Windows 10 systems need to install this new update.

The only post about MS15-107 dates back to October 16:

V1.1 (Outubro 16, 2015): Bulletin revised to announce a detection change in the 3097617 cumulative update for Windows 10. This is a detection change only. Customers who have already successfully updated their systems do not need to take any action.

What’s the Story with KB 3106932?

KB 3106932 was released on Oct. 29 and was aimed at Windows 10 máquinas. Its official description looks like that:

This update makes improvements to ease the upgrade experience to Windows 10.

Além disso, it becomes clear that KB 3106932 replaces KB 3081452 from August 27. This update didn’t behave appropriately and turned out difficult to install.

Learn More about other Recent Windows Updates:

KB3068708, KB3022345
Serviço de rastreamento de diagnóstico KB3022345
KB3081448, KB3081449, KB3081452
KB 3083710, KB 3083711

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Milena Dimitrova

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