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Nova empresa Linux 12 Versão - Melhorias pelo SUSE

Linux-SUSE-Oct-2014Lançando o novo Linux Enterprise 12 sistema operacional em 27 Outubro deste ano, os revendedores alemães do sistema, O SUSE Linux Enterprise anunciou que se distingue do Linux Red Hat / Pacotes do Ubuntu mais confiáveis, estável e seguro, even if lacking updates on other components in which the latter are quickly developing.
In this update, SUSE underlines, a Snapper file system snapshot tool is included, enabling users to reset almost every update of the system, including kernel and all service packs, to a previous version by one click of the mouse and without interrupting operations.

It also includes a new Kraft technology, which enables live patching of the system’s kernel without downtime. Oracle’s Linux distribution has similar functionality but what SUSE are offering is an open-source solution.

Further to the competition with other Linux dealers SUSE offers modules of connected software products, such as web and script-languages (PHP, Python and Ruby on Rails for example) in one package. The package will be applicable for the next three years, Matthias Eckermann, senior product manager for SUSE says, e 18 months after that will be updated again, thus ensuring the users’ having everything up-to-date. This will provide them with a work-perspective for the next three years, Eckermann continues, and after that they will update it again for the next three years.

SUSE offers ten years of support for each separate version of SUSE Linux Enterprise, but having these modules now their idea is to offer support for each set of components within the operating system.

SUSE’s support is lagging for the Docker technology though. Other distributers, such as Red Hat Enterprise or Ubuntu, are offering it long ago already, and SUSE has just recently announced it for support as a “Technical Preview”. Announcing its support is may be in a way making SUSE more attractive for new users but is also bringing it up-to-speed with other distributers, as well as making it available for already existing customers.

Most of SUSE’s improvements of the Linux system are not aiming to change the system entirely but rather improve its functionality on a lower level, from the bottom to the top. In addition to developing Kgraft SUSE, altogether with Dell Crowbar and Cher, are offering their own OpenStack automation system for easy installation. Além disso, they are in close collaboration with Microsoft in making their system the most powerful in Hyper-V.


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