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Malware WireLurker compromete dispositivos Apple OS X e iOS

Pesquisadores da Palo Alto Networks descobriram uma nova família de malware afetando Apple OS X e iOS. Dublado WireLurker, o malware compromete até mesmo dispositivos iOS sem jailbreak.

This is the first malware type that infects iOS apps in a manner a traditional virus does. WireLurker also automates the malicious iOS applications via binary file replacement. The malware was detected for a first time in June this year by a Chinese developer with the Tencent Company. Shortly after his discovery numerous users started reporting about strange apps being installed on their non-jailbroken iPads and iPhones. Mac users also complained about launch daemons with names like “WatchProc” on their machines. The victims said they have installed apps from the Maijadi App store previously.
WireLurker compromete dispositivos Apple OS X e iOS

WireLurker – Infiltration Methods and Behaviour

The researchers found out that Mac apps downloaded from this store in the timeframe from April 30 to June 11 contained WireLurker. 467 applications that proved positive for Trojans were downloaded 356, 104 vezes. WireLurker would be distributed to the victim’s machine in one of these trojanized applications. Após a instalação, the malware contacts the Control and Command Server and request updates. In case the compromised Mac is connected to other iOS devices via USB, the malware would detect them and define whether the device is jailbroken or not.

  • Jailbroken devices: WireLurker would back up certain apps from the device to the Mac and repackage them with a malicious binary file. The modified applications would then be installed through an iTunes protocol.
  • Non-jailbroken devices: WireLurker would install iOS apps that it downloads and exploit iTunes protocols that were implemented by the libimobiledevice library.

So far WireLurker has been upgraded multiple times. At first it wasn’t able to affect iOS devices, and the communication with the Command and Control server was in plaintext.

WireLurker’s Mission

The main purpose of the malware is to gather device specific information such as:

  • Model, serial, número de telefone
  • Tipo de dispositivo
  • User’s Apple ID
  • Wi-Fi address
  • Disk usage data

WireLurker will then send the collected information to the C&servidor C. The code structure exhibited by the malware is complex, its versions are containing multiple components, and it uses customized encryption in order to prevent anti-reversing. Researchers believe that WireLurker is being actively developed at the moment. What it would be used for in the future is still a blur.
Users are advised not to download applications from third party stores and under no circumstances to connect their iOS device to PC they do not trust. In case you suspect your device is already compromised, check the processes for questionable files.


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Berta é um pesquisador de malware dedicado, sonhando para um espaço cibernético mais seguro. Seu fascínio com a segurança de TI começou há alguns anos atrás, quando um malware bloqueado la fora de seu próprio computador.

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