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SensorsTechForum.com is a website and a forum that examines the threat landscape thoroughly in order to provide trustworthy information on Internet security, user privacy, PC threats, as well as practical how-to-remove malware manuals.

A dedicated research team watches out for current malicious programs, analyzes them, and presents immediate solutions 24/7.

Who Are We? Meet SensorsTechForum’s Experts

Milena Dimitrova, An inspired writer and content manager who has been with SensorsTechForum since the project started. A professional with 10+ years of experience in creating engaging content. Focused on user privacy and malware development, she strongly believes in a world where cybersecurity plays a central role. If common sense makes no sense, she will be there to take notes. Those notes may later turn into articles!

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Gergana Ivanova is a highly motivated writer with 5+ years of experience writing for ransomware, malware, adware, PUPs, and other cybersecurity-related issues. As a writer, she strives to create content that is based on thorough technical research. She finds joy in the process of creating articles that are easy to understand, informative, and useful. Follow Gergana on Twitter (@IRGergana) for the latest in the field of computer, mobile, and online security.

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Ventsislav Krastev covers the latest malware, software and newest tech developments at SensorsTechForum. He started out as a network administrator. After studying Value Chain Management and then Network Administration, he found his passion within cybersecurity and is a strong believer in basic education of every user towards online safety.

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How We Do Our Research

All content published on SensorsTechForum.com is a result of extensive research and hard work. We conduct our research and confirm our findings with the help of VirusTotal. We closely follow the NoMoreRansom project for information on newly released ransomware decryption tools. We are open to dialogue with reputable malware researchers, reverse engineers and programmers who publish analyses of new malware instances.

Our team is dedicated to providing useful solutions to computer users. We are here to assist you whenever you need guidance in fixing your malware-related problem.

SensorsTechForum Has Been Quoted by Big Industry Names

Palo Alto Unit 42, Trend Micro, FireEye, McAfee, Panda Security, Heimdal, Vice, Forbes, ZDNet, Digital Guardian, Security Intelligence, Infosecurity Institute, Wikipedia

Since we are a respectable source of information, it is no wonder that we have been quoted by some of the biggest names in the cybersecurity field, including Palo Alto Unit 42, Trend Micro, FireEye, McAfee, Panda Security, Heimdal, among others. We have also been mentioned multiple times by various Wikipedia pages as a trustworthy source of information. We have mentions by big media names, including Vice, Forbes, ZDNet, Digital Guardian, Security Intelligence, Infosecurity Institute, and many more!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we won’t bite! Send us a word or two at support[at]sensorstechforum.com, or get in touch with us via our social channels:

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