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About us

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SensorsTechForum is a blog and a forum that examines malware thoroughly in order to provide trustworthy information on Internet security, user privacy, PC threats, cyber crime and how-to-remove manuals. A dedicated research team watches out for current malicious programs, analyzes them, and presents immediate solutions 24/7.

  • If your computer has been infected;
  • If you don’t know what anti-malware product to choose for your system;
  • If you are interested in the latest security news and updates;
  • If you are a geek;
  • If you are not a geek;
  • If you have a security-related question or an answer;
  • Or if you simply enjoy the good conversation…

Let us know and join SensorsTechForum. We can help!

We will provide you with in-depth and detailed resolutions for your infected system, recommend the right anti-malware tool, and keep you posted on the current security landscape.

Because we’re always seeking ways to improve what we do, at the end of 2015 we created cyber security forums where you can directly share your malware problem or join an existing discussion. Help others and help yourself, simultaneously. We warmly invite you to join our growing forums community and speak up!

Don’t let your malware problem become another user’s malware problem, and be active towards online security. Cyber crime is a public issue, so is cyber security!

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