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This category presents detailed illustrated software reviews. Each program is thoroughly examined and evaluated by our team of professionals. Here you can make an informed decision when choosing software that could secure your Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, or Android device and enhance its optimal operation. You can also find reviews of other useful tools that will help you solve daily problems with your devices or simply improve your experience.

combo cleaner review

Combo Cleaner Mac Anti-Malware Review [2023]

What Is Combo Cleaner? Combo Cleaner for Mac is a all-in-one software that has a powerful antivirus scanner, but also features that greatly improve your Mac’s health With malware constantly evolving and cybercrime becoming increasingly mainstream, no operating system is…

SpyHunter for Mac Anti-Malware - Review

SpyHunter for Mac Anti-Malware – Review [2023]

Interested in SpyHunter for Mac? Read this review! It shows the pros and cons of this anti-malware to see whether it delivers the performance promised by its developers at EnigmaSoft. SpyHunter for Mac Anti-malware SpyHunter for Mac is a brand…

SpyHunter 5 [Pro] Anti-Malware Review

SpyHunter 5 [Pro] Anti-Malware Review [2024]

Interested in SpyHunter 5 anti-malware? Read this review! It will help you learn about this software along with all of its pros and cons and see how it can protect you from all types of cyber threats. In a digital…

combo cleaner for windows software review

Combo Cleaner Anti-Malware for Windows Review [2023]

What Is Combo Cleaner for Windows? Combo Cleaner anti-malware for Windows is the latest product developed by RCS LT, designed to help Windows users clean up malware from their computer systems, free up junk, and help keep it safe in…

MailsDaddy Office365 Backup Tool

Office365 Backup Tool by MailsDaddy Review

What Is MailsDaddy Office365 Backup Tool? This is a comprehensive software review of the product Office365 Backup Tool, by MailsDaddy. Being a company that is actively involved in data management, MailsDaddy features a variety of programs for backup and recovery,…


AOMEI OneKey Recovery Review

What Is AOMEI OneKey Recovery? In case you have experienced а system crash on your Windows device, it most likely has some form of built-in backup that will help restore it to its last known good configuration. However, some devices…

Stellar Converter for EDB

Stellar Converter for EDB Review

What Is Stellar Converter for EDB? Stellar Converter for EDB is professional software, designed mainly for corporate use. The software is tasked with converting hosted online or Offline EDB files and extracting mailboxes to PST. Its reputation has earned it…


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Overview What Is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard? Lined up among the best data recovery tools, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is surely one of the pioneers in data recovery software that is advanced and user-oriented. We at…


Dashlane App Review (for iOS and Android)

Dashlane is an application that has been ranked in the Top 10 best data security applications out there for Android and iOS mobile devices. Since times have changed for a while now, over 80% of users who browse random sites…

cyberghost vpn review CyberGhost VPN logo

CyberGhost VPN Software Review (Update June 2020)

Stop mass surveillance and browse freely by using a VPN. Keep your data encrypted, your IP hidden and your location changed! With no protection, your online presence is exposed! Here’s how to surf the web anonymously and keep others from…

Stellar Data Recovery for Mac review stf

Stellar Data Recovery for Mac – Review

This software review has been created to explain what is Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Professional software and provide you with a review on how this data recovery tool works. Stellar Phoenix, one of the leaders in data recovery programs…


Stellar Data Recovery Review (Windows)

This article aims to provide you a software review of Stellar’s Windows Data Recovery program and show you more about how it can recover files that are corrupted or deleted from your computer. Another recovery software created by Stellar called…


Intego Mac Internet Security X9 Review (Illustrated for MacOS)

What is Intego Mac Internet Security X9? How does Intego Mac Internet Security X9 work? What are the features of Intego Mac Internet Security X9? Intego develops products for Apple, which are focused mainly on security, but the company also…


UNP Campaign Manager – WHAT IS IT?

What is UNP Campaign Manager? Should you remove UNP Campaign Manager? Does it harm your computer? UNP Campaign Manager is developed by Microsoft and it is a legitimate application that cannot harm your computer system. UNP Campaign Manager can get…


Top Security and Privacy Linux Distributions in 2019

There are many specialist Linux distributions that are designed with security in mind. Even though there are universal distributions that cater for practically all usage many administrators, concerned citizens and penetration testers usually choose specific ones. This article will reveal…


VPN Unlimited by Keep Solid – Review

This article has been created to review and demonstrate how the Keep Solid VPN Unlimited works and show it’s benefits as well as downsides. With so many rules being passed by congress and so many new legislation of monitoring by…


DNS66 Android App (Ads-Blocker) – Software Review

This article has been created to explain what is DNS66 and illustrate its capabilities to be able to block advertisements on your Android device. Since ads have started to make money for app developers and publishers for mobile websites alike,…


Stellar Drive ToolBox for Mac – Review

This article has been made to help explain what is Stellar Drive Toolbox for Mac and provide you with a Software Review of this program. Stellar Drive ToolBox is a program that aims to act as a complete toolkit app…


Stellar Wipe Mac Review (Updated)

Stellar Data Recovery Inc. is the type of company which is focused on providing the best file management technologies out there and their program, called Stellar Wipe Mac is a proof of that. The software claims to contain powerful data…


Stellar Phoenix iPhone Data Recovery – Software Review

A software review that has been created to explain in detail Stellar Phoenix iPhone Data Recovery. Stellar Information Technology Pvt. Ltd is one of those organizations that are the leaders in what they do best – data recovery. And their…

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