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This category provides detailed articles about Trojan attacks, and gives instructions on how to remove spyware, keyloggers, cryptominers (cryptocurrency miners), rootkits, typically spread via Trojan infections. If you suspect having a Trojan infection on your system, refer to our Trojan removal guides.

THREAT REMOVAL Malware Removal

What Is is a malicious website that tries to trick you into installing a malicious program. Currently, 13 of VirusTotal’s security vendors detect as malicious, malware, and suspicious. It is high advisable not to interact with,…


MusaLLat.exe Virus

What is MusaLLat.exe Trojan? MusaLLat.exe is a Trojan horse that is known to steal personal information, such as passwords, credit card numbers, and banking information. It is able to spread itself by copying itself to other computers on a network…

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