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Online scams continue to be a big threat to users. If you believe you may have fallen victim to an online scam, this category will provide you with the necessary information to remove the scam and protect your computer. Here, you will discover informative articles about tech support scams, phishing scams, email scams, extortion scams. Each article provides details about the specific scam and proposes solutions.

THREAT REMOVAL is it a scam? – Is It a Scam?

What Is may appear like a legitimate, trustworthy website, but according to multiple user reviews, the website is a scam. The website appears to be an online retailer that offers various household and baby products. Unfortunately, plenty of…

Rgwap Scam

Rgwap Scam

What Is Rgwap Scam? Rgwap Scam is an online scam that involves the use of fake websites and emails to collect personal and financial information from unsuspecting victims. The scam typically involves a fake website or email that requests victims…

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