Remove GootKit Trojan Horse

Remove GootKit Trojan Horse

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GootKit Trojan imageWhat is GootKit? How to remove GootKit Trojan from your PC or Mac?

Die GootKit Trojan is a dangerous malware threat which is designed mainly for Microsoft Windows computers. Es kann aus verschiedenen Quellen gewonnen werden, jede Kampagne Angriff auf eine bestimmte Taktik konzentrieren. Normalerweise Virusinfektionen wie diese werden durch die Interaktion mit einem aus Infizierte Datei - das kann entweder ein Makro-infizierte Dokument oder eine Hacker-made Software Installer sein. Sie werden oft, indem sie die legitimen Dateien von den offiziellen Quellen und zur Änderung den sie mit dem erforderlichen Viruscode aus. Andere Daten können ebenfalls betroffen sein. Alle anderen Arten von Daten können auch verwendet werden - dazu gehören bösartige Plugins für Web-Browser und usw.. In anderen Fällen kann der Hacker verwendet eine direkte Angriffe dass suchen nach Schwachstellen im System und Schwächen. If any are found then the GootKit Trojan will be installed.

Diese besondere Bedrohung ist dafür bekannt, eine Vielzahl von Schwächen verbreitete mit. Es wird gegen beide Endanwendern und Servern. After the infection has been made the GootKit Trojan can download other threats, mehrere gefährlichen Module starten und einen Kryptowährung Bergmann installieren, die eine Folge von leistungs anspruchsvollen Aufgaben ausgeführt werden.

Threat Zusammenfassung

NameGootKit Trojan
ArtMalware, Trojan, Bergmann
kurze BeschreibungEine gefährliche Malware, die einen Bergmann und starten Sie ein Trojan-Modul starten können.
SymptomeDie Opfer können Performance-Probleme feststellen und kann mit anderen Malware infiziert.
VerteilungsmethodeGemeinsame Verteilung Taktik und direkte Web-Attacken.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by GootKit Trojan


Malware Removal Tool

BenutzererfahrungAbonnieren Sie unseren Forum to Discuss GootKit Trojan.

GootKit Trojan – Update September 2019

The Gootkit Trojan has been found to toarget a lot of networks located across Europe, including banks found in France, Schweiz und Österreich. What’s particularly dangerous is that it can also be set against cryptocurrency services. However it has been found that two databases that are used by the hacking collective to have leaked. A security analysis of their structure and a content extraction has revealed further information about the stored information. The experts reveal that the criminal collective behind the threat is actively pulling data from three botnets totaling about 38,563 compromised hosts.

One of the databases has been found to contain a lot of sensitive information about the victim users including their bank card data. The sum of the harvested appears is expected to number at least 15,000 Zahlungskarten. Alongside the information about the assets the databases also includes a lot of details about the infected machines, einschließlich Anmeldeinformationen. Among the harvested information there is also a lot of strings that can be used to login onto online services. Among them there were found username and password combinations for the following:

  • Polish Ski shops
  • Envato Marketplaces
  • Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  • Bulgarian government agencies

The Gootkit Trojan has also been found to hijack web browsers data including cookies, Geschichte, bookmarks and etc. What’s particularly dangerous about is that it can also screenshot the users interaction and launch all kinds of other modules. What we know is that the engine will extract a detailed list of system data including the following:

  • Internal Network IP Address
  • External Network IP Address
  • Hostname
  • Domain Name
  • Processor Information
  • Memory Details
  • Installed Security Applications and Services
  • Web-Browser-Daten
  • ISP Information
  • Informationen zum Betriebssystem

GootKit Trojan – Wie habe ich es bekommen

The GootKit Trojan is a dangerous banking malware which is being delivered using a variety of tactics. One of the popular ways is to use large-scale botnet campaigns and phishing tactics that incorporate its code as part of the intended virus infection. One of the main ones are the following:

  • Phishing-Taktiken — The hackers can attempt to scam the victims into creating bulk email messages and specially crafted websites. They are all hosted on similar sounding domain names attempting to manipulate the recipients into interacting with the shown contents. In many cases it is faked or stolen from the original sources, the headers of the messages can also be masked. A dangerous tactics is the inclusion of self-signed security certificates.
  • Malicious Payloads — The hackers can embed the necessary infection code in various kind of files. They can be either macro-infected documents or bundle installers. This covers a large part of the attack campaigns as this can include all popular file formats: Präsentationen, Datenbanken, spreadsheets and text file. The other alternative which is covered by the hackers include the creation of malware Setup-Dateien von populären Anwendungen. They can include the following: System-Utilities, Kreativität Suiten, office and productivity suites and etc.
  • Malware-Infektionen — Previous malware can be used to make way for the GootKit Trojan samples. This can also be done by using automated toolkits that can enumerate networks for weaknesses. Any active exploits can lead to the GootKit Trojan delivery.
verbunden: MailChimp Abused GootKit Banking Malware Geben Sie für 4 Monate

GootKit Trojan – What Does It Do

As soon as the GootKit Trojan has infected a given host it will immediately start to execute its built-in sequence. The security analysis that has been made on the collected samples shows that the main infection engine willunpackitself and all associated modules. One of the default options is the installation as a persistent threat. In most cases this means that the virus engine will be started every time the computer is powered on. In some cases it can also disable access to the recovery boot options which makes recovery even more difficult.

The next module which is started is the anti-analysis function which will scan the memory and hard disk contents looking for active security software that can potentially block or remove the GootKit Trojan. All found apps will be bypassed or entirely deleted from the system. Examples of such include virtual machine hosts, Antiviren Software, Firewalls, Einbruchmeldeanlagen und usw.. As this is related to advanced system interaction the following actions can be caused:

  • Prozess Hookup — The GotKit Trojan can hookup to existing (Laufen) processes that include both system and third-party ones. A consequence of this action will be that the virus will be able to hijack the user interaction, read the user input and output and monitor the activity of the applications.
  • Datenerfassung — One of the main dangers associated with having the GootKit Trojan active on a given system is its ability to harvest information found in the memory and the files that can expose the identity of the victims or generate a report of the installed hardware parts.
  • Systemänderungen — As a result of the GootKit Trojan installation its engine can be configured into editing out system configuration files, editing the user preferences or making edits to the Windows Registry values. This can result in serious issues when interacting with the computer, performance problems, loss of data and even unexpected errors.

One of the newer releases of the GootKit Trojan adds in a further module that will bypass Windows Defender by using a complex technique. First it will check if the service is running and if this checks as positive a Registry entries will be added that is related to a weakness in the system. It allows the whitelisting of services at boot-up. Using a malware dropper that has been specially made for this purpose the Windows Defender service will be shut down.

The GootKit Trojan is classified primarily as a Banking-Trojaner which means that it will constantly monitor the user interactions looking for any user input in payment pages, online banking services and etc. It will automatically read this information and change it so that the funds will be transferred to a hacker-controlled bank account or cryptocurrency wallet. Additionally as a generic Trojan it will connect the infected host to a hacker-controlled server allowing the hackers to take over control of the host, steal their data and etc.

How to Remove GootKit Trojan

In order to fully remove GootKit from your computer system, wir empfehlen, dass Sie die Anweisungen zum Entfernen unter diesem Artikel folgen. If the first two manual removal steps do not seem to work and you still see GootKit or programs, damit verbunden, schlagen wir vor, was die meisten Sicherheitsexperten beraten - zum Download und einen Scan Ihres comptuer mit einem seriösen Anti-Malware-Programm ausführen. Herunterladen dieser Software wird Ihnen nicht nur Zeit sparen, but will remove all of GootKit files and programs related to it and will protect your computer against such intrusive apps and malware in the future.


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Martin hat einen Abschluss in Publishing von der Universität Sofia. er schreibt gerne über die neuesten Bedrohungen und Mechanismen des Eindringens Als Cyber-Security-Enthusiasten.

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