.Dateien Virus betäubt - Was ist das und wie es zu entfernen

.Dateien Virus betäubt - Was ist das und wie es zu entfernen

Was sind .stun files? What is the virus, Verwendung .stun file extension? Wie zu entfernen .stun files ransomware? How to try and restore .stun encrypted files?

The .stun files virus is a ransomware that is part of the Dharma family of malware. The virus aims to encrypt the files on the computers it has already infected and then add the .stun file extension to them. Dharma ransomware also leaves the [email protected] alongside the .stun extension on the encrypted files so that victims can contact them. The aim of Dharma ransomware is to induce fear that you may never see your files again, until you pay ransom to retrieve them. If your files have the .stun ransomware and your computer is infected by Dharma ransomware, Sie sollten in den folgenden Artikel lesen.

Threat Zusammenfassung

Name.betäuben Dharma Virus
ArtRansomware, Cryptovirus
kurze BeschreibungAims to encrypt files on your computer and then extort you into paying ransom to get them to work again.
SymptomeFiles have the .stun extension and cannot be opened.
VerteilungsmethodeSpam-E-Mails, E-Mail-Anhänge, ausführbare Dateien
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by .stun Dharma Virus


Malware Removal Tool

BenutzererfahrungAbonnieren Sie unseren Forum to Discuss .stun Dharma Virus.
Data Recovery-ToolWindows Data Recovery von Stellar Phoenix Beachten! Dieses Produkt scannt Ihr Laufwerk Sektoren verlorene Dateien wiederherzustellen, und es kann sich nicht erholen 100% der verschlüsselten Dateien, aber nur wenige von ihnen, je nach Situation und ob Sie das Laufwerk neu formatiert haben.

.stun Files Virus – Wie habe ich es und was tut sie?

Die .stun ransomware may enter your computer as a result of you opening its virus file. Such infection fles may be spread either via e-mail as an attachment or by being uploaded on a website, pretending to be a legitimate software download. They often mimick invoices, Einkünfte, documents from a bank, Berichte, job-related documents, setups for programs, portable Software, Risse, patches and many other file types. The goal is to trick you as a potential victim to download and run the files.

Once the .stun variant of Dharma ransomware infects your computer, it may immediately drop the virus files in different Windows directories and under different file names. The most targeted directories often turn out to be:

  • %AppData%
  • %Local%
  • %LocalLow%
  • %Temp%
  • %Wandernd%

After the virus files of the .stun Dharma ransomware variant are already dropped, the virus may obtain administrator rights on the computer it has infected, only to begin encrypting files. The files that may be encrypted by this variant of Dharma ransomware could be of the following file types:

  • Videos.
  • Bilder.
  • Audiodateien.
  • Unterlagen.
  • Archiv.

Einmal Dharma .stun ransomware verschlüsselt Ihre Dateien, they start to appear like the following:

After this variant of Dharma Ransomware has finished with its encryption, the ransomware may show the convention ransom note used by it:

To eliminate any chances of you recovering your files via Windows backup and recovery services, Dharma .stun ransomware may execute the following Windows commands that may delete the shadow copies and disable and stop Windows recovery services:

→ sc stop Sanitär
sc stop wscsvc
sc stop WinDefend
sc stop wuauserv
sc Stopbits
sc stop ERSvc
sc stop WerSvc
cmd.exe / C bcdedit / set {Standard} recoveryenabled Nein
cmd.exe / C bcdedit / set {Standard} bootstatuspolicy ignoreallfailures
C:\Windows System32 cmd.exe "/ C Vssadmin.exe löschen Schatten / Alle / Quiet

Remove Dharma Ransomware and Restore .stun Encrypted Files

Be advised that removing Dharma ransomware may take some skill and time. You can follow the removal steps 1 und 2 below and manually search for and remove the virus files of Dharma ransomware. Jedoch, with manual removal you risk damaging your files, because Dharma .stun ransomware may have mechanisms that trigger fail-safe scripts. This is why according to security experts, the best course of action towards removing Dharma ransomware is to skip step 1 und 2 and proceed to remove the virus automatically by downloading an advanced anti-malware program. This tool will not only save you a lot of time compared to manual removal, but it will also effectively and safely delete Dharma .stun ransomware from your computer plus protect it against future infections too.

When it comes to your files, be advised that at this point, Dateien, encrypted with the .stun extension added cannot be decrypted for free. But this does not mean that paying the ransom will solve your problem – it is NOT recommended. Stattdessen, we advise you to backup the .stun files on your computer and wait for a free decryptor to be released by malware analysts. When it has been, we will update this article with a download link. In der Zwischenzeit, you can try to recover your files by the alternative methods we have posted underneath. They may not be with a 100% recovery success rate, but they might be able to help you get at least some of your files back.

Ventsislav Krastev

Ventsislav wurde über die neuesten Malware, Software und neueste Tech-Entwicklungen bei SensorsTechForum für 3 Jahren. Er begann als Netzwerkadministrator. Nachdem auch graduierte-Marketing, Ventsislav hat auch Leidenschaft für die Entdeckung von neuen Verschiebungen und Innovationen im Cyber ​​der Spiel-Wechsler werden. Value Chain Management Nach dem Studium und Netzwerkadministration dann, er fand seine Leidenschaft in cybersecrurity und ist ein starker Gläubiger in der Grundbildung von jedem Nutzer auf Online-Sicherheit.

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  1. Dk

    My PC infected with .stun
    Wanted to decrupt is that possible.


  2. Anthony MS

    Hallo, My PC infected with .stun
    any one can help??

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