1-844-402-0242 License Key Scam Virus – How to Remove It (Fenster)

1-844-402-0242 License Key Scam Virus – How to Remove It (Fenster)

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Was sind Kommen Anrufe von 1-844-402-0242? Ist 1-844-402-0242 ein Betrug? How to stop scammers at 1-844-402-0242 from calling you? How to remove any viruses from your OS?

If you have come across the number 1-844-402-0242 calling you and leaving a message that is asking you to upgrade your Microsoft License Key, be advised that this is most likely a scam. The scammers ask victims to renew their license by making a purchase. If you have been receiving calls from1-844-402-0242 containing your information, then we stronlgy recommend you to read this article to understand if your computer has been compromised by a virus and if your information has leaked.

Threat Zusammenfassung

Name1-844-402-0242 Betrug
ArtTech Support Scam
kurze BeschreibungThe scam may call victims and lead them to virus sites or ask victims to pay large sum of money on shady sites that may steal their details.
SymptomeYou may start seeing redirects to Microsoft web pages that are fake and claim that your license has expired.
VerteilungsmethodeGebündelte Downloads. Web-Seiten, die sie werben können.
Detection Tool Ob Ihr System Wurde betroffen durch 1-844-402-0242 Betrug


Malware Removal Tool

BenutzererfahrungAbonnieren Sie unseren Forum diskutieren 1-844-402-0242 Betrug.

1-844-402-0242 License Key Scam – Wie habe ich es und was tut sie?

The main way via which you could have started to receive calls from 1-844-402-0242 is if you have exposed your information on several different websites. The main idea of this is to leave your cell phone number and site type.

Another way to get the scam is if you have an unwanted program, also detected as PUP on your computer. These programs all aim to get into your computer by being automatically added to it. They often display redirects to sites that may seem as the official Microsoft websites, but actually aim to threaten you that if you do not call the number 1-844-402-0242, then your computer will be shut down.

Most users have reported the scammers to call via a robotic voice, that threatens victims to pay for renewing their Microsoft License Key or they could be penalised with a fine or their computer could be shut down if they do not upgrade. More reports of the scam call can be seen underneath:

9 Juli 2019
I received this call 2 times today ( was a recorded message and didn’t say who from) saying microsoft license would be discontinued and I could be penalized with a fine. Surprise! I have a MAC and I use Apple/ Safari platform not Microsoft so this is a big scam trying to scare people out of their money!
Anrufer: ??
Anrufart: Scam Verdacht

11 Juli 2019
Calls repeatedly. Angeblich “…from Microsoft. Your computer Microsoft Windows 10 und Büro 365 license got expired. Your computer will be permanently terminated. Call Microsoft at 1-844-402-0242 Erweiterung 2 immediately to renew your Microsoft license. I repeat 1-844-402-0242.This is pure BS and a SCAM!!!
Anrufer: Microsoft
Anrufart: Scam Verdacht


25 Juli 2019
Robo call claimed that my windows 10 was going to be canceled. That’s funny, I don’t subscribe to windows. I’m going to go offensively and kill their robot.
Anrufer: 844-402-0242
Anrufart: Scam Verdacht

If you come across those scams, our best advise is to scan your computer for malware immediately and blacklist the scam number to prevent it from calling you again.

Entfernen 1-844-402-0242 Scam from Your Computer

If you want to be sure that your computer is free from any viruses, Wir empfehlen dringend, dass Sie die Anweisungen zum Entfernen unter diesem Artikel folgen. They have been created with the primary idea in mind to help you delete all of the unwanted software step by step from your computer. If you are not sure whether your computer has been compromised as a result of 844-402-0242 scam calls, then we recommend that you scan it to check for any unwanted software or viruses, using a professional malware removal software. This program’s main puprose is to thoroughly scan for and remove any virus files from your computer plus protect it against such in the future as well.


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