Entfernen Topinambour Trojan von Ihrem PC

Entfernen Topinambour Trojan von Ihrem PC

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Topinambour Trojan BildWas ist Topinambour? Wie Topinambour Trojan von Ihrem PC oder Mac entfernen?

Die Topinambour Trojan ist eine gefährliche Malware-Bedrohung, die für Microsoft Windows-Computer ausgelegt ist,. Es kann aus verschiedenen Quellen gewonnen werden, jede Kampagne Angriff auf eine bestimmte Taktik konzentrieren. Normalerweise Virusinfektionen wie diese werden durch die Interaktion mit einem aus Infizierte Datei - das kann entweder ein Makro-infizierte Dokument oder eine Hacker-made Software Installer sein. Sie werden oft, indem sie die legitimen Dateien von den offiziellen Quellen und zur Änderung den sie mit dem erforderlichen Viruscode aus. Andere Daten können ebenfalls betroffen sein. Alle anderen Arten von Daten können auch verwendet werden - dazu gehören bösartige Plugins für Web-Browser und usw.. In anderen Fällen kann der Hacker verwendet eine direkte Angriffe dass suchen nach Schwachstellen im System und Schwächen. If any are found then the Topinambour Trojan will be installed.

Diese besondere Bedrohung ist dafür bekannt, eine Vielzahl von Schwächen verbreitete mit. Es wird gegen beide Endanwendern und Servern. After the infection has been made the Topinambour Trojan can download other threats, mehrere gefährlichen Module starten und einen Kryptowährung Bergmann installieren, die eine Folge von leistungs anspruchsvollen Aufgaben ausgeführt werden.

Threat Zusammenfassung

NameTopinambour Trojan
ArtMalware, Trojan, Bergmann
kurze BeschreibungEine gefährliche Malware, die einen Bergmann und starten Sie ein Trojan-Modul starten können.
SymptomeDie Opfer können Performance-Probleme feststellen und kann mit anderen Malware infiziert.
VerteilungsmethodeGemeinsame Verteilung Taktik und direkte Web-Attacken.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Topinambour Trojan


Malware Removal Tool

BenutzererfahrungAbonnieren Sie unseren Forum to Discuss Topinambour Trojan.

Topinambour Trojan – Wie habe ich es bekommen

The Topinambour Trojan is a Trojan horse infection which comes from the Turla hacking collective, one of the active criminal collectives which are believed to originate from Russia. They are known for conducting large-scale attacks against high-profile targets — they can range from government organisations to private enterprises located across the former Soviet Union nations, Mittlerer Osten, Europa, Asia and The Americas. The collective is known for conducting attacks its own tools which they develop from scratch. The newest one is called the Topinambour Trojan which is alternatively called Sunchoke. It has been used in attacks since the beginning of this year.

The main method which is used by the Turla group is to include the dangerous virus installation code in bundle installers of popular applications — they will take the legitimate bundles from their official sources and add in the necessary installation code. The necessary dropper will also include a small .NET-based shell which is used to command the infected host into running certain commands and also installing any third-party modules over the SMB protocol. The reason why this is chosen is because this protocol is widely used for sharing files over internal networks. The virus files can easily be hosted on rented virtual private servers (VPS). The latest samples appear to be hosted on a server located in South Africa.

Other prospective strategies used to deliver the Topinambour Trojan can be the following:

  • E-Mail-Phishing-Nachrichten — The criminals can send messages to the target end users by posing as notifications that have been sent in by popular services or companies. The type of messages that they can include are templates of common emails: password reset reminders, Update-Benachrichtigungen, login prompts and etc. In any of them the associated infiltration code can be placed.
  • Hacker-Made Sites — The criminals can create numerous sites which can lead to the malware infection. They can copy down the design and contents of well-known portals or landing pages and to further confuse visitors into thinking that they are safe the scam pages may be hosted on similar sounding domain names.

Alternatively the Topinambour Trojan may be carried by other malware infections or payload droppers. This would allow the hackers to infect only certain computers which adhere to specific conditions.

Topinambour Trojan – What Does It Do

When the Topinambour Trojan has impacted a given host it will immediately start to execute its built-in sequence of commands. They may be either programmed to do so according to the instructions given by the hackers or after the infection engine has examined the contents and certain operating system values. The Trojan can interact with various modules that can be built on top of JavaScript, .NET or PowerShell code. The main operations can be guided from them — the first actions can be to deliver the required elements in order to manipulate the given host.

The base code is able to establish the basic file operations attributed to most Trojans — downloading of other malicious components and the establishments of a secure connection to a given hacker-controlled server. This gives the hackers the ability to take over control of the given hosts and facilitate other malware actions as well.

To make sure that the Topinambour Trojan will institute all dangerous actions as instructed by its developers it will run every 30 minutes and recheck its configuration file. Some of the interesting characteristics that make it a formidable threat include the following:

  • Stealth Deployment — Using a preset command the Topinambour Trojan can spread itself onto the host. This is done by dropping it to to a system location with a suitable name in order to mask the malware as part of the operating system.
  • Masquerade Function — The dropped files can appear to the system as being activated by another process.
  • Remote Shell Function — The made infections can be programmed to establish a secure tunnel connection to the target hosts. This allows the hackers to conduct all kinds of dangerous activity without making the victims aware.

Having such a Trojan infection will also leads to the execution of a Datenernteprozess — it can be used to collect sensitive information about both the victims and their machines. The extracted data can be used to carry out crimes such as identity theft and financial abuse.

How to Remove Topinambour Trojan

In order to fully remove Topinambour from your computer system, wir empfehlen, dass Sie die Anweisungen zum Entfernen unter diesem Artikel folgen. If the first two manual removal steps do not seem to work and you still see Topinambour or programs, damit verbunden, schlagen wir vor, was die meisten Sicherheitsexperten beraten - zum Download und einen Scan Ihres comptuer mit einem seriösen Anti-Malware-Programm ausführen. Herunterladen dieser Software wird Ihnen nicht nur Zeit sparen, but will remove all of Topinambour files and programs related to it and will protect your computer against such intrusive apps and malware in the future.


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