Remove Nice Day Redirect

Remove Nice Day Redirect

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This article will aid you to remove Nice Day fully. Follow the browser hijacker removal instructions at the end of the article.

The Nice Day Redirect is a newly discovered browser hijacker that poses as a legitimate browser plugin. At the moment there is an ongoing spread campaign that infects users with tracking code and modifies all popular web browsers. It is a very serious privacy and security risk which should be removed as soon as possible.

Threat Summary

NameNice Day
TypeBrowser Hijacker, PUP
Short DescriptionThis is a typical browser hijacker that aims to infect the web browsers and redirect the victims to a malware site.
SymptomsTypical web browser settings are changed including the homepage, search engine and the new tabs page.
Distribution MethodFreeware Installations, Bundled Packages
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Nice Day


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Nice Day Redirect – Distribution Methods

Nice Day Redirect image

The Nice Day redirect is a browser hijacker that is actively being distributed using various tactics. The criminals behind it are using different strategies to increase the infection ratio.

Its malware code can be delivered using email messages that use social engineering tactics that attempt to blackmail the users into interacting with the malware element. The criminals can bundle the malware files directly as file attachments. They usually pose as data of user interest. In other cases the hackers can utilize malware hyperlinks as well. By inserting them in the body contents the criminals coerce the victims into downloading the malware from a hacker-controlled page.

One of the most common ways of spreading the Nice Day redirect is to use list it on the software repositories of the famous malware browsers. Usually fake developer credentials and user reviews are posted in order to coerce the targets into installing it. An example description reads the following:

Nice Day provide city weather information.You can custome weather forecast information on Facebook, Google, YouTube and other sites.
It searches your address and locates cities quickly, provides detailed weather for all cities worldwide, current temperature, current weather condition, humidity, wind speed and direction, in addition, ten days,18 hours weather forecast, and is 100% free.

Here’s what our customers are saying:

“A beautiful app that downloaded and worked instantly without any trouble. It allows me to customize color, font, icon style, etc. It detected my location one city away but I easily typed in my location and it switched easily.”

“Stunning photography. It’s fun to keep clicking on random to see the photography.”

“wow, when i get starting using it, it really amazed me! clear and cool background, detailed data, wonderful experiences!”

“A great app that downloaded instantly. However it says I live in WI but I am in OH. I can’t delete WI because that is how it tracked me. Hmmmm…
Aha..figured it out. I love this weather app. You won’t be disappointed..install now!”

If you like Nice Day, please support us by leaving a five star rating on the app page! : )

– Weather forecast brief information shows on the following sites:
– Provides current weather condition and ten days weather forecast
– Toolbar icon shows the current weather and temperature information
– Precise locate your position, can also custom location
– Detailed forecast for 18 hours
– Sunrise and Sunset time
– Temperature,wind speed and direction
– Ability to set your preferred temperature unit, Celsius or Fahrenheit
– World clock to display local time
– Searches for all cities in the world by city
– Up to 5 different locations
– Select different weather icons, fonts and Custom background color

All weather information is provided by the most trusted source in weather, The weather channel®.

Feel free to contact us if there is any problem or suggestion.

Nice Day – Technical Information

Once installed the Nice Day redirect starts to modify important data based on the preconfigured behavior patterns. Such malware are usually made compatible with the most popular web browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari and Microsoft Edge. The main goal is to redirect the victims to a hacker-controlled site which is done by manipulating the browser settings. The most typical case is the modification of the default home page, search engine and new tabs page.

Follow-up steps can include the delivery of additional malware threats. Advanced ransomware and Trojan infections can utilize the ability of the browser hijackers to penetrate the target system. As a consequence this can also lead to malware changes that can impact the operating system and its registry. Such changes can lead to a persistent state of installation that can make it difficult for the victims to remove the threat using manual methods.

The malware site itself is composed of many rich elements that make it appear as a useful addon. It is made of the following the following modules:

  • Top Bar — Lists the site’s name (can be changed in customized versions).
  • Top Search Bar — Places a small search engine box on the top right side.
  • Dynamic Wallpaper — Can be changed using the listed options in the settings bar.
  • Right Side Bar — It shows the current weather conditions and another search engine box.
  • Bottom Menu Bar — It shows the current weather conditions along with several options (“Dashboard”, “Full Screen” and “Like”).
  • Information you provide

As soon as the victims are lured into the site they are presented a tracking cookie and other web technologies that start to track all user interactions. Any interactions with the search engine can lead to malware sites and dangerous virus infections.

The Dashboard menu allows the visitors to tweak the settings by altering certain display options of the site reminiscent of popular services. The site operators have also devised “themes” that are used on popular sites. The site also includes a “Like” and “Share” button that attempts to fool the victims into further interactions.

Such malware can also lead to the installation of cryptocurrency miners. They are dangerous scripts that take advantage of the available hardware resources and use them to process complex operations. As a result income is generated for the criminal operators.

Nice Day Redirect – Privacy Policy

A dangerous fact connected with the use of the Nice Day redirect is the fact that the privacy policy and the terms of us are not clearly shown on the home page. Such actions clearly showcase that the hackers can therefore access all sensitive user data that is being retrieved by the installed cookies and other web tracking technology. The gathered data can be classified into several distinct groups:

  • Anonymous Data — This type of information is usually related to the installed hardware components of the system and certain operating system data.
  • Personal Data — The nature of this type of information can directly expose the victim’s identity. It is usually obtained by directing the data harvesting engines to look out for specific values: names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, locations, passwords and account credentials.
  • Analytics Data — The site can use various web technologies and analytical software in order to examine how the visitors interact with the site components.

We remind our readers that the lack of a clear and distinct privacy policy makes it possible for the site operators to share the gathered databases of data to third parties. This is usually done for profit and it may be possible that the Nice Day redirect is a part of a larger network of threats.

Remove Nice Day Redirect Efficiently

To remove Nice Day manually from your computer, follow the step-by-step removal instructions provided below. In case the manual removal does not get rid of the hijacker redirect and its files completely, you should search for and remove any leftovers with an advanced anti-malware tool. Such a program can keep your computer safe in the future.


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