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What Is Pop-ups?

Pop-ups Definition

Short definition: Types of advertisements that pop-up as a new window on your web browser or desktop and could lead to unsafe websites if used by some form of malware.

Extended definition:

Pop-ups are the most common reason why adware programs exist. Usually, these forms of advertisements often have different content from third-party websites that is designed to get you to click on it. Once the victim does that, he or she may get a couple of redirects to other domains and this may go on forever. Usually, pop ups are also monetised by different schemes to make the adware that may be pushing them on your computer profit. Such schemes are pay-per-click, pay-per-view and other forms. Some adware developers get paid to deliver specific pop-ups that lead to websites, which could turn out to be scams or even malware.


But not only programs can cause such pop-ups on your web browser. Usually, some websites with low reputation could also be the reason why you may receive different annoying pop-ups. This most often includes adult sites and other domains that are not often visited.

Some adware pop-ups could be very dangerous for your device, because they could lead to high-risk websites, like the following:

  • Virus websites.
  • Scam sites.
  • Phishing pages.
  • Fake tech support scam pages.
  • Rogue software download sites.
  • Endless redirect loop sites.

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