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What Is a Module?

Module Definition

Short definition: A module file is the type of object, used as a supplement for a program, like malware or other software to complete a specific function it is programmed to.

Extended definition:

A module file is an object that may be programmed in a specific mean in order to perform something as a part of a software. Examples can be a module that is set to change the wallpaper of your computer when you use the software, or a module responsible for playing sounds, etc. This can also translate in Cybersecurity as a tool that is used by malware authors to complete an objective that a virus has been set to do on your computer once it has been infected. Usually, module files may not only be files, but also different types of small objects that are spread out in a hidden manner in the infected computer system.

For example, in a Trojan horse infection, several different modules, dropped as part of its payload, may exist on your computer after an infection takes place, each responsible for different activity. One module could be set up to make changes in the Windows Registry Editor or some other aspects of the operating system, like Task Scheduler, while other module could be responsible for running a virus file as a hidden process within your Activity Monitor (for Mac) or Task Manager.

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