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Unable to Uninstall Facebook on Samsung Phones? You’re Not Alone!

Have you had issues with removing permanently the Facebook app from Samsung Galaxy smartphones? You’re not the only one! Nick Winke, a photographer in the Pacific Northwest, has shared his bad experience regarding his Galaxy S8 phone, and the story went viral, Bloomberg writes.

Users Unable to Permanently Delete Facebook on Samsung Phones

It appears that the photographer can’t delete the Facebook app from his device, as there’s no “uninstall” option. The only choice the phone presents is to disable the app. This makes of another “permanent app” case, where the app cannot be deleted from devices sold by its partners. Samsung says that it hasn’t provided a list of its partners, because those agreements vary by region and type. Still, there’s no complete list or any information online, and users are largely unaware if Facebook is pre-loaded unless they specifically ask a customer service representative when they purchase a phone, Bloomberg says. But who does that, really?

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A Facebook’s spokesperson has said that using the “disable” option is just like the “uninstall” option. Once disabled, the app won’t be able to collect data and send it to Facebook, or perform any other activity. But the issue here is the lack of communication with the consumer (the owner of the device) about this process.

Facebook isn’t the only company whose apps show up on smartphones by default. A T-Mobile US Inc. list of apps built into its version of the Samsung Galaxy S9 includes the Facebook app, as well as Amazon.com Inc and many Google apps such as YouTube, Google Play Music and Gmail. The presence of Google apps should not be surprising at all, as Google is also the creator of Android.

Other phone makers and service providers, including LG Electronics Inc., Sony Corp., Verizon Communications Inc. and AT&T Inc., have made similar deals with developers of applications.

It’s worth mentioning that the way Facebook handles data leads to permanent data storage, even if the user accounts are deleted. User interaction and messages are retained after the user accounts have been terminated, and this is evident in groups and pages where users might have interacted with. This allows Facebook to record the data and use it for their own purposes as documented in the privacy policy.

Thus, it’s vital for [wplinkpreview url=”https://sensorstechforum.com/privacy-facebook-trouble-consequences/”]Facebook users to be fully aware about their privacy on the platform.

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  1. Steve

    Disable is not the same as uninstall. That’s nonsense. This has always been an issue with Samsung phones and Facebook. I’ve trawled the web for the past 2 years looking for ways to uninstall it from my S7 Edge. It seems that Samsung and Facebook have an agreement and there’s no way to get rid of it. It means I’ll never buy another Samsung phone again.

    1. (a) joseph e solebello

      Survey reveals that if their (Fb) hard drives are burned, the data is lost. More, though, it seems like Facebook to the Democrats’ side, and twitter are playing as Republican actors.

      Crucially, it is what I see. It is not debatable. The whole government system of “our” U.S.A is a degenerate piece of garbage. Do you need any more facts? Lies exist, and they are difficult to discern in my metaphysics approximately. It shows more about other famous media who don’t even allow comments!

  2. Doet er niet toe

    Ja klopt. Ik wil heel graag van facebook en andere ingebouwde apps af. Maar samsung (Android) laat dat niet toe. Jammer hoor. En drm heb ik een iphone xs max binnenkort.

  3. Richard Brave

    Who controls my Android, surly not me? Disabled facebood on a Samsung android, but when reading an website and pause for a min and returning the website has been replace with facebook. WTF This is marketing manipulation by microsoft and google collecting your browser info. Then then the WWW has every bit of your life. Only a civil war will put an end to invasion of our privicy.


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