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Ipsha Barooah is a content writer at Allied Market Research. She has a persisting interest in brand management and advertising. She appreciates writing with finesse and has been penning down words from a tender age. Very active on social media. Enjoys looking for synonyms and writing on various topics.


Strategic Alliances and Partnerships in Cybersecurity

Strategic alliances and partnerships have been lucrative for the cybersecurity industry. There is a heavy demand for protecting vulnerable data from prying eyes. Industries such as military, entertainment, aerospace have leveled up their security parameters to prevent hackers from making…


Evolution in the Hardware Encryption Market: Recent Trends and Activities

In today’s world of technology and mobility, cybercrime is prominent and growing fast across the globe. Cybercrime poses a real danger to organizations, government, and financial institutions. Given the rising number of cyber-attacks and other modes of theft, there is…

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