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Strategic Alliances and Partnerships in Cybersecurity

Strategic alliances and partnerships have been lucrative for the cybersecurity industry. There is a heavy demand for protecting vulnerable data from prying eyes. Industries such as military, entertainment, aerospace have leveled up their security parameters to prevent hackers from making a breakthrough via their loopholes.

Mimecast Limited, founded in 2003, is an international company specializing in cloud-based email management, security, archiving, and continuity services to prevent phishing, hacking, spamming and other security breaches.

This August, they announced a partnership with Kraft Group and professional American football league, the New England Patriots for making Mimecast their email resilience solution provider. This multi-year partnership will have comprehensive email security, archiving and business continuity including joint market promotions and advertising.

The New England Patriots are looking for an impenetrable system where the employees can be protected from advanced email threats, phishing, hacking, and impersonation. Mimecast’s suite of cloud-based email resiliency solutions will boost cyber protections to the league’s overall email environment.

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Murray Kohl, the vice president of corporate sales for the New England Patriots, stated that the collaboration of the football league with Mimecast would help them unify their security services and archiving abilities into a powerful integrated cloud suite.

Alex Bender, the senior vice president of marketing at Mimecast expressed his delight at the collaboration. It is known in the industry that 99 percent of advanced attacks begin via emails. The American football league is now thoroughly defended from these threats.

PhishMe and Mimecast will partner to provide sophisticated anti-phishing cloud security services

PhishMe and Mimecast will together be an armed organization in implementing anti-phishing cloud security services, immersing behavioral conditioning and phishing for employees. PhishMe is a global anti-phishing solutions provider which will partner with Mimecast to provide inspection of inbound, outbound and internal emails to detect and fight phishing, ransomware, impersonation attacks, malicious URLs, and attachments.

Mimecast is well aware that most organizations lack the refined infrastructure to deal with regular threats such as financial loss of data, data compromise, business interruptions and reputation damage. The VP of PhishMe, Allan Carey issued a statement where he said that the company continuously needs to keep security awareness training for the employees to detect and combat security threats revolving around emails. Conditioning employees to identify phishing emails and threats will help optimize business performance and combat sophisticated attacks.

Saudi Arabia’s Military Industries to partner with Raytheon for all round cybersecurity solutions

Saudi Arabia is swift to acquire technological advancements especially when it comes to the Military Industries Corporation (MIC). They are cooperating with private sectors, conducting research and collaborations to enhance their military force.

Raytheon, a company specialized in technology and innovation for industries of defense, civil government will now provide the Saudi military with more than just cybersecurity solutions. This year, the Saudi Arabia Military Industries Company signed a Memorandum of Understanding in the presence of King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and U.S President Donald J. Trump. As per the MOU, both the parties will now collaborate and cooperate on defense-related projects and technological developments.

According to the agreement, Raytheon will promote global growth in key market areas such as Air Defense System, Smart Munitions, C41 Systems and most important Cyber Security Of Defense Systems and Platform. This alliance will promote the growth of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s localized defense system with regional expert capabilities. The aim is to contribute to the long-term foundation of Saudi Arabia’s economic development.

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Thomas A. Kennedy, the Chairman, and CEO of Raytheon mentioned that the partnership is the next step in their 50-year relationship in the K.S.A and a strong indicator of their global growth. They are also planning to establish Raytheon Arabia, a Saudi legal entity that will be entirely handled by Raytheon. Together, they will focus on building and implement programs to create defense, aerospace and security capabilities in the Kingdom.

The global scenario of the cybersecurity market is fast changing. In 2015, the public sector dominated this market due to the increasing cyber-attacks on the state and the federal institutions. Since then, cybersecurity regulations have been made stringent among organizations and institutes. An extensive study made by Allied Market Research states that the cyber security market will gain $198 billion by 2022 with a compound annual growth rate of 15.5% in the forecast period of 2016 to 2022.

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