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Remove AVbytes Win 8 Antivirus 2015 Permanently

A member of the Fake Rean/Braviax family of rogue antivirus programs, AVbytes Win 8 Antivirus 2015 acts like a valid anti-spyware tool that is supposed to be quite useful to users by detecting and removing various infections from their computers. In fact, AVbytes Win 8 Antivirus 2015 performs a fake system scan on the compromised machine and then displays numerous alerts and security notifications about non-existing threats. AVbytes Win 8 Antivirus 2015 aims only to lure users into purchasing the full version of the product. The different applications from this family target different audience, for example, AVbytes Win 8 Antivirus 2015 is meant to affect Windows 8 users.

AVbytes Win 8 Antivirus 2015 Distribution Techniques

All rogue programs from the Braviax/FakeRean malware family use Trojans to infiltrate the targeted system. It can be quite hard to protect your PC against rogue AV programs, so make sure to update your antivirus products on a regular basis and never open emails or download email attachments from unknown sources.

Similar rogue antivirus programs popular lately:

How Does AVbytes Win 8 Antivirus 2015 Affect Your Computer?

Once installed AVbytes Win 8 Antivirus 2015 will be automatically launched every time you start your computer. The rogue application will then perform a full system scan just like legitimate AV scanners do. The security alerts displayed by AVbytes Win 8 Antivirus 2015 state that dangerous infections have been detected on the computer and offer the licensed version of the product as the reasonable solution to the alleged threat. Experts advise against buying the program because the presented scan results have, in fact, no real value. The skilfully designed interface may lead you into believing you are dealing with a real anti-virus program, but this is not the case. Keep in mind that AVbytes Win 8 Antivirus 2015 has no virus database or scan engine, so it is not capable of detecting or removing any threats on your computer.

Other Rogue Antivirus Programs from the Fake Rean/Braviax family:

AVbytes Win 8 Antivirus 2015 Safe Removal

Security experts recommend the immediate removal of AVbytes Win 8 Antivirus 2015 from your computer manually or automatically. Just follow the steps provided below to remove AVbytes Win 8 Antivirus 2015 completely from your PC.


Spy Hunter FREE scanner will only detect the threat. If you want the threat to be automatically removed, you need to purchase the full version of the malware tool.

1. Start Your PC in Safe Mode to Remove AVbytes Win 8 Antivirus 2015
2. Remove AVbytes Win 8 Antivirus 2015 automatically with Spy Hunter Malware - Removal Tool.

Berta Bilbao

Berta is the Editor-in-Chief of SensorsTechForum. She is a dedicated malware researcher, dreaming for a more secure cyber space.

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