How to Remove Redirect from Your PC

How to Remove Redirect from Your PC

This article has been created to help you by explaining how to remove the browser hijacker software from your computer and fix your web browser’s default search. is the name of the browser hijacker program which is generally classified as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). It may cause redirect to the chrome search site which has nothing to do with Google Chrome and aims to impersonate it. This is done in order to get you to use the services of this browser hijacking program and get you to see a lot of third-party advertisements and browser redirects. The unwanted software may change your default search, home page and new tab page to, very similar to the hijacker. If you have seen this web page appearing on your computer, reccomendations are that you immediately focus on removing it from your computer system by reading this article.

Threat Summary
TypePotentially Unwanted Program
Short DescriptionChanges the default search engine on your computer to and begins to cause redirecs everytime you search.
SymptomsHeavily modified web browser settings. May display different types of advertisements.
Distribution MethodVia bundled installers, fake setups or via other PUP that has already been installed on your PC.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by


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Similar to, the hijacker may be spread in a multitude of methods. The main of those methods is via installations of third-party applications. Such setups may come bundled with apps, like and they are usually freeware which is uploaded on software providing websties. The way slithers in your computer is via hiding in one of the installation steps under the Custom or Advanced installation modes of those installers, thus installing it without any notification if you miss those steps. So, be sure to always check any prompts in all the steps that may advertise you “as a free extra”.

In addition to via being bundled, the suspicious software related to could come on your browser via web pages that advertise browser extensions and other types of advertised content. Furthermore, the browser hijacker may automatically be installed, if you have other adware or malware previously infected your computer and the malicious software downloads as a browser extension or a program on your computer. – More Information

The primary activity of the unwanted software after being installed on your computer is set as your homepage, which looks like the following: may also cause a browser redirection if you begin to use its services and begin to search on it’s pages. When you use it, the hijacker regirects you to it’s google custom search page, which may include third-party ads, from which the founders of the hijacker may generate income. In additions to this, the search engine may filter the searchers and send result sto web servers that are connected to the hijackers to track your online searches. Furthermore, the may also track other information from your computer, such as:

  • Browser history.
  • Browsing clicks.
  • Favorite web pages.

This information may be used in order to display targeted search results or other advertisements, based on your browsing behavior, like:

  • Pop-ups.
  • Online banners.
  • Highlighted text.
  • Ad-supported results.
  • Browser redirection.

Furthermore, does not even possess it’s own search engine, but redirects to third-party results and it does this while not even ensuring encrypted connection – something highly untypical for legitimate search engine.

In addition to this, the Privacy Policy of may also state that they may collect Personal Information if provided by the user, which makes using the software rather risky, since this information may be stored by

Such information may include:

  • Your IP address, MAC address and other network and system information.
  • Your online accounts and e-mail addresses.
  • Your Cookies from other sites and other related information.
  • Other details that you may provide.

In addition to this, the app may also perform other activities on your computer, such as take up system resources to display ads and since the software may also redirect you to malicious or phishing web pages, recommendation are to remove it, because it may be indirectly risky to your computer system. – How to Remove

In order to remove this Potentially Unwanted Program from your computer system, reccomendations are to focus on following the step-by-step removal instructions below. If you do not have experience in removing unwanted software, experts advise trusing an advanced anti-malware software to automatically remove from your computer by scanning for all the registries, files and other objects and processes ran by It on your Windows and the web browsers that are installed on it. Such software will also make sure that these applications do not come back in the future as well.

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