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Remove MyInfoSearch(.)biz Browser Hijacker from Your System


Myinfosearch(.)biz is a new potentially unwanted program (PUP) in the list of browser hijackers. Once it is on your system it may modify the settings of your browser. The homepage may be changed as well as the new tab page. One of the possible main aims of the PUP is changing the default search engine. Thus, it may modify the search results and redirect you to sponsored links or websites with potentially malicious content.

Another side effect of the hijacker is that it may add a browser extension. To remove this unwanted program and everything related, you should read this article carefully.

Threat Summary

TypeBrowser Hijacker, PUP
Short DescriptionIt can change the homepage, search engine, the new tab of all of your browsers.
SymptomsChanges the homepage and new tab to Myinfosearch(.)biz. The search engine could redirect to the same page or similar ones.
Distribution MethodFreeware Installations, Bundle Packages
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Myinfosearch(.)biz


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User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss Myinfosearch(.)biz.

How Myinfosearch(.)biz Hijacks the System?

The Myinfosearch(.)biz browser hijacker may affect your system with just one click on a misleading advertisement. The same goes if you click on suspicious links. It is possible to get Myinfosearch through doubtful links shared across social media networks like Facebook.

It is also a common practice for some software vendors to bundle together potentially unwanted programs like Myinfosearch(.)biz in installation setups. It is advised to read everything carefully under the End User License Agreements (EULA) or Terms of Agreement for the different software statements before installing it. Most times it could serve as a warning to stay away from browser hijackers like Myinfosearch(.)biz.

Further, during the installation process look for Advanced or Custom settings and try to see if there is extra software ready to be installed. Sometimes there is information provided there that tries to convince you of how useful the extra software is. But have in mind that this could be just a misleading method of advertising products with dubious quality and security.

More About Myinfosearch(.)biz Activities

The browser hijacker Myinfosearch(.)biz may change various browser settings. If you see it, you should stay away from it. This is how it looks like:


What may those browser setting changes be?

  • The start page in Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge
  • The new tab page
  • The default search engine
  • The displayed search results

Myinfosearch(.)biz could also add a browser extension. Furthermore, it may modify the Windows Registry and create shortcuts on the desktop and Windows Start Menu. A possible side effect might be DNS settings that are changed.

When the browser hijacker is on the system it may collect information such as your IP address, browser type, links that you click on and search queries.

Such browser hijackers often have a goal of generating online revenue through redirects. The redirects might be the result of either deceiving ads showing in your browser, or displaying modified search results on the site. You may end up on sponsored and suspicious domains.

The Myinfosearch(.)biz PUP is possible to redirect you to the suspicious domain Reimageplus(.)com. The information presented on Reimageplus(.)com will try to convince you to download their Reimage PC repair tool. In fact, that is a rogue antivirus program. The download of such software may harm your PC instead of making it perform better.

Other websites that redirect to Reimageplus(.)com and try to prompt users to download their rogue program are Clpremdo(.)com and Websearch(.)the-searcheng(.)info.

Remove Myinfosearch(.)biz Completely from Your Computer

You can follow the step-by-step guide below and remove it manually from your PC. Determining the full impact of Myinfosearch(.)biz on your system could be a difficult task. In case the browser hijacker remains on your system after the manual removal, you can try to get rid of it automatically using an advanced anti-malware program. Such kind of a program will delete all leftovers and ensure you protection further on.

Berta Bilbao

Berta is a dedicated malware researcher, dreaming for a more secure cyber space. Her fascination with IT security began a few years ago when a malware locked her out of her own computer.

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