SP.exe (Spigot Adware) Complete Removal Manual Guide

SP.exe (Spigot Adware) Complete Removal Manual Guide

SP.exe is associated with Spigot adware, usually bundled with PUPs (potentially unwanted programs) and browser hijackers. SP stands for Search Protection and logically it is supposed to be aimed at the safety of your search engine provider. Spigot (SP.exe) runs in the background and searches for any browser settings modifications continually.

Threat Summary

Short DescriptionModifies web browser settings, especially, Google Chrome and shows pop-ups and other windows such as ones with notifications.
SymptomsBrowsers are tampered with, settings are changed, web pages redirect users.
Distribution MethodVia bundled packages, other PUPs
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by SP.exe


Malware Removal Tool

User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss Search.conduit.com and SearchMe Toolbar

Spigot (SP.exe) and Spigot Adware – What Do They Do?

pcExperts warn that Spigot (SP.exe) is in fact linked to a browser hijacker that has been delivered to the affected machine as a part of Spigot adware. So instead of protecting your search engine provider or homepage of any unpermitted changes, Spigot (SP.exe) supports browser modifications performed by adware and browser hijackers. Any attempt to restore the initial settings of your browser will be blocked by Spigot (SP.exe), or if you succeed, they will be saved until the next time you restart your computer.

Spigot (SP.exe) is Not Detected as Malware by Most Anti-Virus Programs

Other versions of this adware may differ a little bit in their behavior but in the end they all have the same effect – they hijack your browser. Experts report that in most cases Spigot (SP.exe) is not detected as malware by AV products. The statistic shows that four out of fifty-six anti-malware tools will identify Spigot (SP.exe) as a threat to your machine. Fact is that Spigot (SP.exe) is not considered as high-level threat because it does not have password stealing features, and it cannot erase any of your files.

How to Remove Spigot (SP.exe) from Your Computer?

However, infections like Spigot (SP.exe) are quite persistent and rather annoying. They may also lead to poor system performance and cause further security related issues. Experts recommend the removal of Spigot (SP.exe) alongside any adware program from your computer. To do so, just follow the steps provided below.


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