The Most Secure Web Hosting in 2018 (Speed, Security, Support, Uptime)

The Most Secure Web Hosting in 2018 (Speed, Security, Support, Uptime)

*Following recent data breach of the company DomainFactory, which is owned by GoDaddy, both companies have been removed from this year’s “most secure” top 10 list. Last update from July 9, 2018 @ 10:43:03 EDST

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How to Find Out If a Web Hosting Is Secure?

Web hosting is a service which is not only enjoying extreme popularity but is also sought vigorously. Website owners are often looking for servers either located in their home country or in a country closer to their target audience. Anyhow, central locations are often preferred, because a server located in a central location can cover most of the areas around it and have significantly lower latency , than if the servers were, for example in a more distant location from the center of a continent, for instance. Whatever the case may be, we have decided to present to you the best web hosting providers in terms of security with a detailed review of each one of them.

When it comes down to choosing a secure hosting provider, several key areas of web security should be covered by the provider. The first probably the most important one is if the hosting provider offers online backup services that can bring back your website.

Another key area to consider is the type of services the company provides in their tariffs. Most secure companies offer VPS (Virtual Private Server) which is not the cheapest service, but it conceals the real identity of the server, significantly improving privacy. Furthermore, SSL is a must-have if a hosting provider is to offer you a secure website, since without such, the domain may be at risk to a variety of attacks.

Another element to look into is the security of your users, too. Most hosting providers offer ad blocking that is embedded and prevents suspicious third-party advertisements from infecting the users of your site with ads. All of the hosting providers above have these features. However, to best compare them, we rounded up their lowest web plans to see the highest value for lowest price.

Below, we have ranked the 10 best hosting providers based on the features they provide, speed, support client reviews and price.

Notice! An open discussion is available in our forum section, where you can freely share your experience with Web Hosting services, give an opinion, provide a client report or simply ask questions about a hosting you are considering to use in the future. Find a suitable topic or create a new one under Web Hosting Discussions and User Experience.
1. SiteGround Hosting Security, Uptime, Back up, Support Review
SiteGround Hosting Security, Uptime, Back up, Support Review

The company is among the most widely known businesses in the web hosting industry. It was founded in 2004 by a team of friends and due to their initial success SiteGround is today one of the leading service providers. They are known for providing various plans and platforms depending on the client’s requirements. SiteGround also provide special discounts for special groups such as student hosting. Their servers are located in different parts of the world in order to provide a robust network for their respective regions.

Data Centers

At the moment the following regions have data centres powered by SiteGround:

  • Europe — The Netherlands (Amsterdam), Italy (Milan), United Kingdom (London)
  • North America, South America, Africa — United States of America (Chicago)
  • Australia, New Zealand, Asia, South Pacific — Singapore

All infrastructure are connected to multiple Internet service providers to ensure the highest possible speed. High-end redundant electrical systems and physical security are implemented.

All web sites feature the free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, as well as daily automated backups. In the case of an outage or another security incident the Cloudflare content delivery network can present an interactive and complete cloud copy of the site. The company has set up the servers using Linux Containers for heightened security. In addition SiteGround have invested in their own in-house server monitoring platform. In contrast with other similar solutions it can not only monitor for issues but also foresee potential problems and help prevent them.

Brute force attacks are countered by an unique artificial intelligence solution. All accounts are isolated from each other as part of the servers setup.
99.9% uptime guarantee.

The CloudFlare delivery network boosts the connection speed significantly if it is enabled and configured. In addition the servers support the HTTP/2 protocol which can significantly boost the loading speed as well. As most dynamic elements use the PHP programming language the relevant operations can be optmized up by using the PHP 7 version.

The company offers a lot of plans starting from the shared hosting all the way to enterprise custom hosting solutions. In addition to hosting and relocation the company offers website transfer, special WordPress hosting services and templates for the most widely used site solutions (Joomla, WordPress and Magento). All prices are affordable and excellent value for money.

The SiteGround support team can be reached using different methods. Either an in-person consultation in one of their offices or live chat, phone and an online ticketing system.

What We Like
Competitive pricing
Top quality infrastructure.
In-house caching solution for fast loading speeds.
Great customer support 24/7.
Free SSL.
In-house crafted security solutions.
Five data centers around the globe.
Free website transfer.
Free CDN with all plans.
What’s Missing
Setup fee at monthly plans applied.
2. A2 Hosting Security, Uptime, Back up, Support Review
A2 Hosting Security, Uptime, Back up, Support Review

The A2 hosting company is among the most famous competitors in the industry. They have been providing services for more than ten years and serve thousands of clients around the world. Two of the most common reasons for the clients to grow are their renowned support team and heavily optimized servers.

Data Centers
The A2 Hosting team operates several data centers around the world:

  • North America — In the US states of Arizona and Michigan.
  • Europe — In Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • Asia — In Singapore.

The data centers are protected with a SSAE16 certified physical security. All web hosting plans come with Free SSL Certificate (HTTPS via Let’s Encrypt) and perpetual security. A specialist patch management tool is available for all clients that allows them to efficiently operate the installed web applications.
99.9% uptime guarantee.

Optimizations to the available web scripts and web services are applied in order to speed up the performance. Special caching solutions are available to all customers that when used with the robust hardware solutions allow all processes to run in the fastest way possible.

Many of the users that choose to invest in their services state that the price ratio is excellent. A2 hosting provide a lot of features even for the lowest plans. This includes not only the capacity but also the optimization technologies as well.

A2 are renowned for their dedicated support team. Customer feedback and reports indicate that they are experienced experts that can resolve even the most difficult cases with ease. The team operates a live chat support, dedicated phone line and a knowledge base.

What We Like
Very fast servers.
Good pricing.
Unlimited storage, space and bandwidth with all plans.
Very good customer support available 24/7.
Free website transfer with all plans.
What’s Missing
The lowest price is available with 24-month plan.
No free domain.
3. InMotion Hosting Security, Uptime, Back up, Support Review
InMotion Hosting Security, Uptime, Back up, Support Review

InMotion Hosting is one of the most renowned web hosting companies. They have been among the top-rated businesses as rated by CNET for 15 years now. The Better Business Bureau has rated their services with the “A+” rating both in the USA and Canada.

The company sponsors many open-source applications and solutions including the likes of WordPress, Joomla and PrestaShop.

Data centers
InMotion Hosting are proud with their “Green” data center that is located in Los Angeles, CA. It uses an advanced outsied air cooling technology which effectively cuts down the costs of operating it, as well as severely reducing the carbon output by more than 2 000 tons per years.

Their other data center is located in Herndon, Virginia which can be chosen for customers located in the East Coast of the USA for faster access.

One of the key investments made by the service is that they buy high-class hardware to power their network. The servers are made by Dell while the networking equipment come from Cisco Systems and Brocade.

Account isolation, advanced firewall filters and constant server monitoring creates a secure environment. This is especially important for e-commerce instances.

99.9% uptime guarantee.

The “Max Speed Zone” allows the customers to specify the data server of their choice as well as take advantage of the multiple concurrent network connections. The company has invested in ultra fast SSD drives that drive the servers along with a heavily-optimized and custom-tuned NGINX web server to deliver outstanding performance. The server caching is fine tuned in order to provide the best possible performance.

Some of their plans might be a dollar or two more expensive than competitors plans. However the company has invested a lot in their hardware and optimized software which results in a great value for money deal. Beginner users and marketing agencies can also take advantage of the web design and site hosting tools for further convenience. Such offers are not always available among web hosting providers.

All web hosting plans include unlimited 24/7 premier support. The company offers various ways to reach the support team — phone emails, email, live chat, tutorials and community-based Q&A.

InMotion Hosting have invested in the creation of hundreds of how to guides, articles and education channels. The interactive community options allows anybody to post their questions. They are considered for new content as the sites are constantly updated.

What We Like
Stable hosting platform.
Good prices.
Free security package.
Good customer support.
Good reputation.
What’s Missing
Server speed could be better.
No data centers outside USA.
Premium support available on expensive plans only.
4. HostGator Hosting Security, Uptime, Back up, Support Review
HostGator Hosting Review (Security, Uptime, Backup, Support)

HostGator is the type of hosting service which has the purpose to provide VPS hosting, WordPress and Shared hosting plus cloud hosting services. The hosting provider has created services which are appropriate for begginer site admins in order to create their own websites by offering their custom website builder. In addition to this, they also offer custom web design to it, SEO services and pay-per-click advertising.

Data Centers
HostGator provides two data centers which are currently active – in Houston Texas and Provo, Utah. The network has been configured in a way to operate based on a redundant plan and uses top of the notch hardware to equip it’s facilities and provide 99.9% uptime guarantee. All of the facilities of HostGator have massive bandwidth providing capacity and they use world-class level of connectivity quality.


The company is focused on monitoring as it constanly keeps control over it’s systems in order to proactively prevent a hacker intrusion or abuse of their services. In addition to this, their technology is also backed by the CodeGuard tech which protects their websites by backing them up on a daily basis. Malware protection is also available for your website, if you prefer to have such and it is known by the name SiteLock, which is the same cloud-based solution that can protect the website against malware.

99.9% guarantee for uptime.

HostGator makes It possible to have very fast loading times by setting up servers at low-density on their cloud hosting plans. The company provides multiple layers of caching and this plus the fact that they use only premium hardware ammounts to the web pages loading swiftly. And more to it than that, HostGator have also set up performance optimization to be fully automatic and their clients can even watch the metrics of their site via user-friendly system, created to help increase transparency and oversight.

The starting hosting plans of the company include a low price and they also give the possibility to use the many included features. In addition to the unlimited traffic that is provided to you inclusive, each plan for hosting, whether it is cloud-based, WordPress or other comes with free access to an easy-to-use website builder – something that is very important for beginners who want to start their websites nowadays. In addition to this, the site admins also get a free $100 voucher for Google Adwords plus a $100 Bing Ads voucher which can help boost your business.

The U.S.-based company has several support features which make it one of the most responsive in the trade. They offer free live chat, support over the phone and also have developed application that works with a ticketing system. Website administrators can also use their knowledge-rich portal which has a lot of website creating and managing tutorials that can help boost the website, optimize it and design it according to your preferences. In addition to all of this, HostGator also has a strong community in It’s forums, where you can discuss any issues or ask any questions.

What We Like
Good prices.
Easy Installation.
Vouchers for Google Adwords and Bing Ads included.
What’s Missing
The backup and restore option costs extra.
Malware scanning costs extra.
5. 1&1 Hosting Security, Uptime, Back up, Support Review
1&1 Hosting Review (Security, Speed, Uptime, Support)
1&1 is a company that has proven itself over the years. They have been created about 30 years ago and they have kept growing and growing. 1&1 have expanded the range of services they offer, such as mobile services, domain registration services and hosting in UK plus 10 other countries. And this at a very decent price, putting the company among one of the most reliable hosting providers out there.

Data centers:
The company provides hosting via 7 data centers which are located primarily In Europe and USA and they also offer both Linux and Windows hosting services.

1&1 consider security a top priority, as expected. The company provides many security features on their services such as backups on a daily basis, the SiteLock feature, SSL security and CDN plus more.

When it comes to the speed of the hosting services, the company offers a lot of solutions that are fast as lightning, but their cheapers plans do not come optimized for WordPress speeds.

1&1 promise to provide 99.9% uptime and they almost never receive complaints from clients about downtime of their websites.

The technical support of the company is on a decent level plus any potential issues are solved relatively fast. But when it comes to billing issues, it can take a significant amount of time to be resolved. They also have customer support in some foreign languages, including German.

1&1 offers probably one of the lowest prices on the market at the time of writing this. They have very attractive solutions for their basic plans which are full of features. The downside here is the payment rates increase after the first year of using them.

What We Like
Stable and fast performance.
Attractive prices.
Plenty of storage for their basic plans.
Intuitive and easy to operate with system that is user friendly.
User-friendly website builder.
Stable domestic and foreign transfer speeds.
Fast customer support.
What’s Missing
Aggressive upselling fees.
They lack the Let’s Encrypt security feaute and this may cost you a lot if you want it added.
Their servers do not have the latest software versions.
WordPress does not include auto updates, themes as well as plugins and are offered at an extra cost.
Website builder does not come as standard.
6. BlueHost Hosting Security, Uptime, Back up, Support Review
BlueHost Hosting Review (Security, Support, Uptime, Speed)

BlueHost is one of the most reccomended hosting providers by the WordPress team. The company is extremely well focused on begginer users and it includes every necessary feature in it’s 1-click installation package. It also offers ready packages for advertisements and marketing services to help you grow the online presence of your website.

Data centers
The exact location of the data centers of BlueHost is not exactly known, since the company does not share specific information about them for security purposes. However in an ad video which was created by the company themselves it becomes clear that the solutions they have implemented for their servers are custom, which points out to the clear focus of the company on security.

BlueHost offers automated backups, customized server instances and also support for different optimized tech. Account isolation is also used in order to separate the customers which go to the same server to be divided in a secure manner so that if one is infected, the infection is contained and this portion of the server is restore according to the latest backup.

The engineers who are behind the customized servers at BlueHost have configured them in order to be optimized for maximum performance. The team behind BlueHost actively works together with the WordPress community and this makes it a decent choice if you want to run your website via this engine, since most of their experience is WordPress oriented.

BlueHost offers 99.9% of uptime guarantee.


The pricing offered by BlueHost is relatively low, which points out to it’s focus on beginner users and basically anyone who wants to take advantage of advanced hosting capabilities at a beginner’s price. The shared hosting plans of BlueHost begin from $2.95 a month (latest offer) and they include a free domain, site builders, the 24/7 support and the 1-click WordPress installation feature.


The company offers customer support plus a wide knowledge base which includes a lot of interactive tutorials and quality materials. The company also offers a dedicated team at your disposal which is available via phone or via live chat services.

What We Like
Very low prices which are attractive for beginners.
Very strong brand name.
Various hosting plans available.
What’s Missing
The lowest price is only available with 36-month plans.
Long waiting times on chat and overall bad customer support.
Website transfer is paid extra.

7. FlyWheel Hosting Security, Uptime, Back up, Support Review

Flywheel Hosting Review (Security, Uptime, Backup, Support, Speed)

Being a hosting provider, focused mainly on design and easyness of usage, Flywheel is the type of company that targets primarily web designers and it people who are not tech savvy. The UK-based company focuses on providing the type of service which would fit the creative bunch out there – web designers, art people, etc. and this is clearly visible when you check out their website.

Data Centers

The main data center which is publicly known to belong to Flywheel is based in the UK.

The company has made sure that their focused is well balanced and they have also paid attention to security, since they offer a wide range of security features, such as:

  • Cache management panel (flushing, enabling, disabling).
  • Free migration service of your webiste.
  • Password protection and management.
  • Included firewall and spam protection features.
  • Custom Anti-Malware protection for the servers.

When we discuss speed, it is important to know that Flywheel have decided to focus primaril on how fast their website load and what bandiwdth they provide. In response to that, they have come up with a plan where you can get a decent bandwidth (according to customer reviews) plus fast loading speeds, but not the fastest in this segment. In addition, they have also added servers in UK, but they reveal little information about their hardware. Users who have tried to test the loading speeds of their website have established that their loading times are not more than 2 seconds from various different locations to several websites hosted by them.

The company does not display prices which do not include some extras. Instead, they are very open to the pricing as they quickly get down to business right after you visit their website, instead of wasting your time with advertisements. This minimalistic approach is very easy to understand and use. All you have to do is once you visit their website, you should simply scroll down to the middle of the page and see their 3 pricing offers.

The company does nto wast time with their support as they quickly responds to every request by customers. Unfortunately, last we know, their customer support is not 24/7 which is a bit of a turn off, since if you are not in their time zone, you may experience issues in reachin them. You can leave an open ticket on their ticketing system, however, which may assist a whole lot in quickly solving your issue. The supports may not be first-class as the situation with SiteGround, but it is decent and will solve your issues quickly.

What We Like
Amazon developent (back-end).
Easy to install and pleasant to use.
Clean UI.
Created for developers and designers.
Has a lot of WordPress features.
What’s Missing
Lack of 24/7 customer support.
Lack of SSH.
8. TSOHost Hosting Security, Uptime, Back up, Support Review

TSOHost Hosting Review (Security, Uptime, Back up, Support)

TSOhost is a UK located Web Hosting and provides a great service if you are going to base your project in that state. TSOhost presumably has the lowest latency time compared to all other competitors listed in this article. The company gives a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee, including 24/7 access to your website, even during a hardware upgrade.

Data Centers
TSO has one datacenter as it is a local business.

In matters of security, there is no doubt that TSOhost is up to date with the modern security standards. Their data centers have the most current firewalls and more security hardware from Cisco and Dell, which are companies used for the security of governments and military stations, providing federal contracts.


TSOhost provides a fairly decent speed, because of its new servers. Those servers are faster than its previous ones which ultimately results in a better performance and quicker opening of Web pages.


Speaking of pricing, the TSOhost company follows suit of companies offering a similar service, by providing a cheap price for lots of features. Features include one-click applications, Linux and Windos servers, Zend Guard / ionCube Loaders, Perl, ASP and, IIS and many, many others.


The support is extended, reported by clients to be friendly and responsive. For the ticket system, clients report that 30 or less minutes are all the time needed for a fully resolved issue. Adding to this, you will also get updated on the latest developments happening with the network. If you prefer, you can also get support over a live chat or free backups over the phone during most of the daytime. We at STF feel that TSOhost could easily make at least one 24/7 support line over the phone and live chat as well, knowing that their competitors already provide that feature.

What We Like
Amicable technical support staff.
Real-time system updates.
Scalable hosting plans which are flexible.
One month free trial.
Unlimited Traffic for its price (£1.61 a month).
Modern and up-to-date security hardware.
What’s Missing
Chat support isn’t 24/7.
No 24/7 live support (only tickets)
9. WPX Hosting Security, Uptime, Back up, Support Review

WPX Hosting Review

WPX Hosting, or previously known as Traffic Planet Hosting, is a Web hosting service which is orientated towards and optimized for WordPress. The company has a fast registration guide to get right into your preferred hosting plan with just a few clicks. Adding that to the other features promoted by the WPX Hosting company result in a very solid choice for advanced users. Even more so, if you want to run two or more websites at the same time.

Data Centers

WPX hosting has just one data center, situated in the United Kingdom, but not a lot of details are given about it, which might be due to security. Data center employees are available 24/7 in the data center itself and they have set up a network operations center alongside it to respond promptly if anything happens that needs their immediate attention.

WPX hosting’s security is on a top notch level. WPX keeps itse security updated to the latest security standards which helps keep the websites, which they are responsible for, safe. Free SSL features, unlimited security repairs and malware removal are also promoted on their site. The list of security related features also includes scanning for a hacked and malware infested sites, plus a fortnight backup archive which gives you the option to choose to which date you want to return your website state back. To satisfy your needs even further, the company can provide you with up to $500 as a reimbursement if any issues arise.


In terms of speed, WPX hosting provides an extremely good service, according to clients who have been using it over three years. In fact, if you run your site on WPX hosting, there is a high chance that your site will load about 95% more quickly than all other sites worldwide. In addition to this, clients who manage more than ten websites simultaneously via WPX, have reported loading times of less than a second.

The WPX hosting company offers fairly decent pricing plans, even though they are focused only on the WordPress platform. The WordPress focus is a bit disappointing for advanced users who would like to run sites on other platforms, as well. However, when we take into consideration the numerous ammount of features which are included in that hosting, including the Free SSL, which normally costs a ton in other hosting firms, the price seems alright for the package you receive. Another plus is that if you go for the annual plan, you will get two months for free and pay for only 10 months.

As to the support section, there have been a big amount of user reviews stating that the support of WPX hosting is reputable and quite capable. Some of their clients who have been witness to lots of hacker attacks or different interruptions even report to have received financial reimbursement for them. This is well-received as some hosting providers take a lot of time to bring a site back up and do not even apologize for its breakdown in the first place.

What We Like
Great customer support that compensates you if they make a mistake.
Free SSL included with their plans.
Super fast hosting service.
Easy to set-up your sites and use the hosting service.
What’s Missing
There have been cases of few continuous days of downtime in the past.
10. iPage Hosting Security, Uptime, Back up, Support Review
iPage Hosting Security, Uptime, Back up, Support Review

iPage Hosting is one of the oldest names in terms of hosting providers, and started operating back in 1998. It is recommended quite often as it is well-known among both beginner and power users. The iPage company also offers marketing services to serve a Web service on a full-scale.

Data Centers
This company operates multiple data centers which are connected to major Internet backbone networks like that of AT&T’s, Global Crossing and Cable & Wireless’ OC48 / OC192. Interestingly enough, there are no further details on the location of these data centers.

iPage offers scans for malware, firewall rules and a CDN (content delivery network) to mae sure that the client sites are protected well. The following types of SSL certificates are available: dedicated, shared and extended validation.

The iPage hosting company has site builder optimized for mobile devices and performance load balanced servers to make sure that customers who visit the site, can access the services in the fastest way possible.


The iPage company promotes a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which is superb. A lot of other hosting providers offer the same or less, so this is a good uptime.

The lowest starting price ($2.99 a month currently on a promotion) is a good way to start investing in a prospective business website or blog. Computer users that want to begin a blog on the WordPress platform will find that the dedicated plan is also offered at a balanced price and includes perks, such as free SEO optimization credits.

All customers can check the support online guides or reach the Support team via a simple chat, live chat, a ticketing system or on the phone.

What We Like
Reasonable Hosting plans
Marketing and SEO perks
Good renown.
What’s Missing
Information about their data centers is nowhere to be found.
WordPress expert support available with expensive plans only.
Lack of some crucial security features and speed optimization from the Starter plans.

Legal Disclaimer: Be advised that the opinions expressed on this website are solely ours and they are not biased towards any specific software company or any other organization. The opinions are also based on our research, which includes first-hand data as well as second-hand information and it took place approximately 30 days before this article was published.


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