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updatebrowse.net Description and Removal

updatebrowse-main-pageupdatebrowse.net is a dynamic website that features third-party advertisements. However, according to security research, updatebrowse.net is more of a browser redirect that may compromise the user’s browsing experience. While attempting to open the website for the first time, we experienced a series of redirects and finally landed at the shopping website AliExpress. On the second attempt, we were redirected to a website promising ways to make easy money online. Finally, we landed on the actual page that may be determined as suspicious. Thus, it is safer to avoid any of the links provided by this domain or use its search functionality.

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What is updatebrowse.net?

Updatebrowse.net may be considered an unsafe domain and browser redirect. It may have been triggered by ad-supported or potentially unwanted application that has sneaked into the system. If you previously downloaded a freeware product via its automated installer, you may have downloaded something else alongside. This download method is known as bundling and is often used by third parties. In the software field, developers tend to bundle their products in order to cover financial losses or monetize online platforms.

As already mentioned, while trying to open the website and see what it is about, we were led through a series of redirects, until we ended up at a popular shopping page. We couldn’t open the actual website until after our third attempt.

updatebrowse.net Privacy Policy (as of July 22, 2015)

According to its privacy statement, updatebrowse.net may collect information and may place tracking technologies on the computer. The data collection is done so that relevant advertisements are served to users and website statistics are finalized. The creators of updatebrowse.net state that they do not collect personally identifiable information.

updatebrowse.net Risk Evaluation

If the user encountered updatebrowse.net after he has downloaded a freeware product or has clicked on a fake software update, his online security may have been compromised. To stay safe, users are advised not to click any links provided by updatebrowse.net. In case you are viewing aggressive advertisements such as pop-up windows and banners, you may have been ‘hit’ by adware. If updatebrowse.net is set as your default page without your consent and is difficult to reverse, a browser hijacker may have affected your browser. In both cases and because every situation is unique, scanning the system via professional software is advisory.

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