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What Is Keylogging (Keylogger): Definition

Keylogging, which is short for keystroke logging, is also known as keyboard capturing. Both terms refer to the same thing, which is the action of recording (logging) the keys struck on a keyboard.

This usually is done in a covert manner, so that the person using the keyboard is unaware of the capturing process. Keyloggers are used by cybercriminals and hackers to retrieve data, steal passwords and login details, and other types of sensitive details. It should be noted that a keystroke logger can be either software or hardware.

Even though we refer to keylogging as a malicious process, it can be used to study keystroke dynamics and human-computer interaction. However, in cybersecurity, keyloggers are usually associated with trojans, dropped onto a system to record login details, typically related to online and banking accounts. These details can later be used in other forms of malicious attacks, or can be sold to other cybercriminals.

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Keyloggers can be detected as Trojan.Keylogger, which is a generic detection used by multiple anti-virus and anti-malware programs.

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