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What Is Malspam?

Malspam Definition

Short definition: Malspam, or malicious spam, is a dangerous form of spam, containing files or objects, like URLs with malicious character.

Extended Definition:

Malspam or malicious spam is the form of spam that is mainly encountered when cybercriminals and hackers want to conduct infection on a mass of users. You may encounter this form of spam to appear on your private messages, e-mail and any other form of inbox. This type of spam often carries different infection objects, such as:

  • Malicious files attached.
  • Malicious URLs.
  • The spam itself could contain malicious script, like JavaScript.

What Is Malspam
Most malspam attacks often contain convincing messages that can be of different kinds, for example:

  • A message from a hacked account of a friend, asking you to open a video, which may lead to an external link.
  • Message asking to open any other type of link.
  • Fake “prize won” messages.
  • Fake survey links.
  • Fake “see this pic” attachments.

The hackers often use events that are fresh and hot topics.

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