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What Is New Tab Page?


New Browser Tab Definition

Short definition: New browser tab refers to the web page displayed by web applications when a user opens a new page in the same browser window.

Extended definition:

New tabs or just tabs are used in the cases when people want to view more than one web page in one browser window. When a web browser loads, it first displays the homepage and no tabs. Each browser provides the option to users to view several sites by opening new tabs and staying on the same browser window. The sites opened in new tabs can be used normally for as long as the browser window remains active.

By default, new tab pages display the default search engine as well as thumbnail tiles of the most recently viewed sites. The default new tab page can be customised a bit. The New Tab page can be set to load a blank page or a custom URL. After the installation of specific browser extensions, new functionality can be added to the New Tab page as well.

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