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What Is a Push Notification?

Push notifications are alerts that display text, images, or buttons and allow users to take a certain action. These notifications can also feature rich media, such as pictures or buttons.

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Short Definition:
A push notification is a short message that appears as a pop-up on your computer screen, mobile device home screen, or in the notification center of your device from a mobile application.

Extended Definition:
Push notifications are messages that appear as pop-ups on a user’s device, regardless of the browser they are using. These notifications provide a fast way for companies to communicate with their customers, sending out messages, offers, and other information. Subscribers can be anywhere on their browser and still receive notifications, as long as the browser is open and connected to the internet.

Unfortunately, many suspicious websites take advantage of this otherwise legitimate marketing service to distribute adware and even malware. Push notifications can be used to deliver malicious malware, such as the SundownEK campaign, which is known as malvertising. This malware can be used to bombard users with ads or, worse, to help hackers gain access to personal accounts and steal money, data, and even their identity.

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