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What Is Redirect?

Redirect Definition

Short definition: Types of advertisements or web page transfers that change your default open web page or show up in a new tab page of your web browser, thus transferring you automatically.

Extended Definition:

Usually, a browser redirect is by activity the act of transferring you from your current webpage to another webpage immediately, thus redirecting you to such a page. Redirects could be legitimate, by websites that have multiple domains or some site that may have set up a redirect from an old web link to a new one deliberately, it really depends.

A typical malware program affecting a computer or a malicious website opened by users may often take advantage of such redirects in order to lead the victims to a domain that can infect his or her device with viruses, for instance. Some redirects may lead to scam websites that may scam you out of your information or money. Usually, when you see such dangerous redirects on your computer or another device, it is a strong sign of adware or a browser hijacker type of unwanted software currently affecting it.

If you see a lot of different browser redirections to appear one after the other on the same web page on your address bar without ending, that means that you are in an endless redirect loop. Criminals use such loops to slither different types of browser trackers or viruses. They can also use it to make profit by automatically monetising these web pages or make money by driving fake traffic to websites they are paid to boost.

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