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What Is Software Bundling

what is software bundling
Short definition: Software bundling is the process of including the install files of a program to the setup wizard of another program as a form of advertising.

Extended definition:

Software bundling, also known as just bundling is a form of aggressive advertising that is used by many programs and software download websites, both legitimate and shady. While many of the bundled programs are generally legitimate, in cyber security this is one of the main ways via which potentially unwanted programs, like browser hijackers or adware are spread to computers. The way this works is usually somewhere within the installation, you could encounter the prompt step to opt out, like following imageshows:

what is bundling

The problem with adware apps is often that they are concealed deep within the “Advanced” or “Custom” install steps and this makes them very difficult to detect and opt out from, which is how they end up on your device without you even knowing. This may happen even to advanced users, as many people tend to fast-click their way when they install an app.

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